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The interview experience provided by a candidate or an employee plays a huge role in building a robust interview strategy. The experiences especially the negative ones shared by the interviewees must be given a lot of importance as that would help the employers to identify the gaps and help immensely in creating an excellent interview strategy for their interview process.

It is quite surprising that more than 75% of job seekers report that they have never been asked for feedback on their candidate experience, and it’s a matter of great concern because there is so much to be learned and improved based on their experiences. It sounds quite alarming in a candidate-driven market prevailing now. Receiving a positive candidate experience is similar to receiving a positive customer experience, which results in better business prospects. Apart from leaving your candidates with a good impression of your brand, your hiring team will benefit hugely from the interview experience as well. Just like the customer feedback, the employers should encourage their hiring teams to ask their candidates for feedback as well.

Sending surveys to the candidates after the interview is a nice way to get feedback about their experience. Ideally, you should send the survey after the final decision has been made otherwise if the candidate is hoping to get selected then it is more likely that they would reply positively or manipulate their answers to become more attractive to the interviewer. So, waiting till the final decision has been made will get you honest feedback into your interview process and the surveys can even be customized to fit the status of the candidate like if they get selected then give them a different set of questions and if they are not then given a different one to those people. The interview feedback comes in different forms with different reasons and the benefits of getting the right answers to those are huge.

How does the interview experience help in building the right strategy

The right feedback can help in many ways:

1. Helps in identifying the gaps correctly in the hiring process and which are the things that should be incorporated throughout your recruitment strategy.

2. Helps immensely in improving the entire hiring process,

3. Improving the hiring team’s performance to provide a better candidate experience.

4. Helps in securing better interview feedback in the future.

We are going to talk about one unique product which is helping employers effectively.

www.reviewia.co captures comprehensive feedback from candidates about the interviewing process. Employers can not only look forward to capturing overall experience ratings but the product also offers insightful analytics which can be used by employers of all sizes to improve their overall recruitment process thereby positively impacting candidate experience along with metrics like joining success, reduction in early attrition, etc.



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