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Charcoal is a versatile ingredient that’s found in many skin and self-care products. But it might not always be clear why it’s added. It turns out charcoal can play an important role when used in certain products. From deodorants to facial cleansers, charcoal serves a specific function. In charcoal deodorant, activated charcoal can help reduce odor. How does charcoal work? Here’s a look at why activated charcoal is added to certain self-care products and how it can enhance your routine.

Why Activated Charcoal is Added to Certain Skincare Products

Activated charcoal is a non toxic ingredient, and it can help detoxify. It can also help deodorize, by extension. Much of what we associate with underarm odor is caused by bacteria. When those bacteria and their byproducts are better controlled, the result is reduced odor. If you’re looking for an effective deodorant that isn’t made with harsh or synthetic additives, deodorant with charcoal and other natural ingredients is an excellent choice. Charcoal can also be found in some face and body cleansers. When added to cleansers, it can also act as a detoxifier and help you address certain skin concerns. These could be concerns like excess oiliness and buildup. Cleansers made with charcoal may even be able to help diminish the appearance of blackheads.

What Does Activated Charcoal Mean?

When a skincare product like deodorant has charcoal on the ingredient list, it’s typically “activated charcoal.” Activated charcoal means that the charcoal has had its surface area increased. As such, “inactivated” charcoal has a relatively low surface area in comparison. When you look at charcoal under a microscope, it’s filled with countless nooks and crannies. It’s almost like looking at a lava rock. When it’s activated, you get more nooks and crannies. The more surface area charcoal has, the more it can absorb things like odor and excess oils. So, adding activated charcoal to products like deodorant makes a lot of sense.

Where Does Activated Charcoal Come From?

In many instances, activated charcoal comes from coconuts. It’s a naturally-sourced ingredient, but it goes through a few changes before it makes it into a charcoal deodorant or any other self-care product. Consider the ingredients found in many clean beauty products. It’s not uncommon to find coconut oil. Coconut oil is derived from the interior of the coconut—the meat, especially. Coconut oil can help soothe and hydrate your skin. It can be found in certain non toxic deodorants, too! It can help boost the effectiveness of these deodorants. But when coconut oil is created, along with other coconut-based products, you’re left with the outer shell or husk. What better way to avoid waste than by turning the husk into activated charcoal for you to enjoy in more self-care products?

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