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Coconut shell activated carbon for drinking water improves taste-coconut shell activated carbon for water purification. Coconut shell activated carbon manufacturers have complete product specifications. carbon powder for sale Coconut shell charcoal is a kind of carbon with better effects in drinking water purification, dechlorination, algae removal, oxygen absorption, and catalytic carrier. Water purifiers, filter element fillings and other water purification equipment.

1. During transportation, coconut shell activated carbon should be prevented from mixing with hard substances. Do not step on or step on it to prevent the carbon particles from breaking and affecting quality.

2. Storage should be stored in porous adsorbent, so during transportation, storage and use, water immersion must be prevented. After immersion, a large amount of water fills the active voids and makes it useless.

3. Coconut shell activated carbon prevents tar substances from being brought into the activated carbon bed during use, so as not to block the gaps of the activated carbon and make it lose its adsorption. Better to have decoking equipment to purify the gas.https://www.granular-activated-carbon.com/

When storing or transporting fireproof activated carbon, avoid direct contact with the fire source to prevent fire. Avoid oxygen during activated carbon regeneration and regenerate thoroughly. After regeneration, it must be cooled with steam to below 80°C, otherwise the temperature will be high and oxygen will be encountered. Activated carbon ignites spontaneously.


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