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How Color Affects the Perception of Interior Spaces

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Katy, TX – January 2023 – It can be quite challenging to choose the ideal color palette for your home, whether redecorating the whole place or trying to make a minor adjustment. That is especially true if you want the different rooms to evoke different moods. For instance, the bedroom should create a sense of peace and comfort, whereas the dining room could make you feel more vibrant and outgoing. Unless you have some experience or knowledge of interior design, it can't be easy to choose the right colors. That's why it is ideal to hire experts for the job. Morphe Home Staging and Design offers services for premium interior design in Katy, TX. Additionally, here's how different colors impact the perception of the interior spaces.


Yellow is a great color to use in the kitchen because it uplifts your spirits and gives you more energy, both of which are things we all seek in the morning as we head to the coffee maker. The color yellow can capture the light and give you an upbeat feeling of joy and vitality.


This color is excellent for your home office because it represents prosperity and helps ease anxiety. One of the most relaxing colors for the eyes, it is also known to be reviving, clear the mind, and promote composure. It also gives an outdoorsy, natural vibe to those who love the outdoors.


You can feel focused, at ease, and calm by looking at things that are blue. It can help ease anxiety, soothe the mind, and support stable breathing. However, know that pastel blues can feel very stern and chilly, even though blue rooms are ideal for lounging and relaxing. Beautiful and easily balanced with warm colors and furnishings, light, warm blues are great.


Orange is a vibrant color that inspires a rush of vigor and optimism. Although it's a beautiful color for working out in, it's not the best choice for relaxing spaces like living areas or bedrooms.


Red is often associated with love and roses, but it's also associated with hostility and anger. Red is known to increase crankiness, heart rate, and blood pressure. However, it is a good color choice for socializing, so we advise against using it in relaxing or reading rooms. Instead, keep it for social spaces only.


Even the messiest people are afraid of getting dirty around white. However, having white or off-white walls is an excellent way to make your house feel bigger and more open. It also helps neutralize the mood of the people who live there. White offers a fine balance that creates a sense of freshness, as it is an energizing color and promotes calm. White spaces instantly convey a sense of sanctity and tidiness. White itself is a symbol of kindness, innocence, and safety.

It's simple to give the appearance that the ceiling is higher and the room is larger by coloring them white or off-white, which complements almost any color.


Purple is a rich, theatrical color that represents royalty and wealth. Deep purple colors are excellent for inspiring creativity because they exude a very romantic, fascinating, and elegant vibe. While darker shades of purple aren't the right choice for the bedroom because that's where you unwind, lighter shades, like lavender and lilac, are preferable because they are soothing and light.

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