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How Condensate Drain Pan Clogged

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Air conditioner drains usually become clogged due to the growth and accumulation of bacteria in the drain. It's very rare for a foreign body to get into a closed drain.

The cold, damp, and dark environment in plastic AC Condensate Drain Pan ducts proves to be a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, sludge, and sludge.

Over time these residues build up and without proper care and maintenance, these drains will soon become clogged due to this accumulation of slime and sediment and drying and hardening during the summer when the drains are not in use.

And of course, it never fails, For example, when you are away from home or when you come home from a weeklong vacation and realize that disaster awaits you when you open your front door and see that your living room ceiling has caved in and your carpets are wet. , and you just look up to see inside.

The water from the air conditioner is still dripping steadily over what was once your lovely living room. Welcome back!


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