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Water is the most important thing for health. The highest amount of water in our body is only water.Everyone drinks water, and some use glass, some steel, and some plastic utensils.Drinking water quenches thirst, but does this water give you the right benefit?Why copper bottles or utensils are preferred as drinking water vessels and how copper revitalizes water when kept overnight.

The plastic bottles that sell cold drinks and mineral water are made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET).Many dangerous harmful substances come out of the bottle when the temperature is high, or the water is heated, which reaches the stomach with water and then damages the body.

Only stainless steel, aluminum,or glass bottles are considered safe to store water. It is not healthy to take too much hot water in the glass bottles. If you want the most benefit, then place water in a copper vessel and drink it.

Keep water at night to revitalizes, drink in the morning:

The process to get ample benefit of the water kept in the copper vessel is to clean the copper vessel at bed time and keep about one to one and a quarter liters of water on the wooden pot or table. As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink water slowly on an empty stomach. Start from glass and drink it from one liter to a quarter to a liter. If not possible at all, increase the ability to drink water slowly. 

In earlier times, this is why people used to drink water in copper jugs or bottles, and for this reason,all kinds of diseases were kept away from their bodies. The element present in copper keeps the human body right from inside. As per Ayurveda, water kept in a copper vessel at night with copper properties keeps the liver healthy.According to modern medicine, this water helps fight stomach diseases.

There are such benefits of drinking water in a copper vessel and how it revitalizeswater overnight:

It reduces bad cholesterol by controlling blood pressure by keeping the heart-healthy. Apart from this, it additionally decreases the risk of a heart attack. It helps to over come complaints of Vata, Pitta, and Cough. Copper water strengthens the digestive system and helps in better digestion. Putting water in a copper vessel during the night and drinking in the morning improves digestion. Apart from this, it also proves extremely helpful in reducing excess fat.

Helpfulin curing diseases:

Copper reacts chemically with the water and thus revitalizes antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. This is why drinking water kept in a copper vessel cures many types of diseases.

Kills viruses:

According to a study, by keeping water overnight in the copper vessel, its impurities can also be reduced. The study found that most of the bacteria present in this metal vessel died for 16 hours. The amoebae of ‘dysentery virus' and ‘E. coli', which were specially present in that water, were completely eradicated.

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