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Hmm….passive income, extra cash flow gives you more flexibility and can protect yourself in case you lose your job. Escaping out of that fishbowl, side-hustling, and being your own boss are required these days if you want to become wealthy. Who says that 9-5 jobs should be the only source of income?

I mean, who doesn’t dream of lying on the beach or sofa, sipping a pina colada, and not worrying at all about doing the job and earning money? This entire time they are getting notifications on phones that they made another sale.

Passive income is the only income I am interested in these days. As a creative entrepreneur, inventing ideas and making money from them is the best thing to build up a passive income stream.

Do you also need some passive income ideas? Well, you have come to the right place. Let’s see how creative entrepreneurs can generate passive income.

Read till the end.

Passive Income

Passive income is one form of revenue in which you make money over and over again, from doing the work only once. There are 4Rs n passive income: Residual, Recurring Revenue, on Repeat.

For Instance, you create a new art piece like never before and patented it under your name. Now your art is displayed in museums and everywhere, and people are using it and buying it. However, for every action you are getting paid because that invention idea was yours, that art was yours, and it was patented under your name.

Moreover, we can’t say passive income is “easy money”.

Passive income means that it’s money that is made at any time because you set up different ways to make sales.

You put the work way ahead of time and now it’s paying off. Being aware of the worth of your inventions and having knowledge of how to patent an idea for free makes you future-ready.

How Creative Entrepreneurs Can Generate Passive Income

The first step to being successful in generating passive income is learning. One has to learn about different possibilities, invest in getting a product patent and understand how to do it.

Below is the list of ideas, through which creative entrepreneurs can generate passive income. 

Monetize Educational Content

To run a business you should have the expertise, experience, and skills. And one of the natural ways to generate passive income is to share knowledge with others through educational content.

You can monetize your content and expand awareness of the brand or product to the users. For doing so, you can start writing blogs, upload online video courses, or can write a book or e-book. However, make sure you take the copyright of your ideas, then only you can monetize your content for passive income. 

Sell Products Passively Online

In selling a product, the majority of the cost goes into printing, packaging, and shipping to fulfil orders. But, you can cut out all those details and can earn revenue from the product sale.

No, it’s not wishful thinking, there are some third-party websites that accomplish this for their business. Dropshipping is one reliable way for this.

Patent unique processes or inventions

Small businesses differentiate themselves through their innovative ideas and inventions. You might have a unique invention idea from which you can earn passive income. For this, you should be aware of how to patent and manufacture an idea.

It's not about some revolutionary kind of invention, an invention can be anything small or even incidental to your business. It should generalize other businesses.

For patent services it should be one-of-a-kind.  For this, you have to do research about the patents that already exist in the market, you can take the help of a patent consulting company (ownmyinvention.com). They will assist you in licensing, patenting, and selling your inventions.


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