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How DevOps Can Transform Your Ecommerce Business

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The modern eCommerce industry seems to be compelling more and more businesses to adapt to the emerging market trends, whose nuances most of us prefer to avoid as much as we can. However, the truth is you ought to start somewhere. You see, turning ideas into reality doesn’t happen overnight. The following post is the perfect way to learn about some ubiquitous technology that today’s eCommerce business cannot survive without. Yes, I am talking about none other than devOps.  

The following post focuses on how devOps can transform your eCommerce business. However, before that you need to get well-versed with what devOps is and its significance in today’s competitive era.

DevOps – It’s Origin!

There was a time when its was extremely hard for programmers to keep up with the increased software velocity. This is how devOps came into existence. The concept is basically an offspring of agile software development. For those who don’t know what agile development is, it is an umbrella term used for a wide range of software development methodologies such as Scrum, waterfall, lean and whatnot!

As the name implies, devOps is a rare combination of developers and operations. This is mainly done to enhance the speed of delivering applications and services. Such an alignment between development and IT operations can result in seamless communication and collaboration. Now you must be wondering what led to the rise in the concept of devOps? What were the circumstances or challenges faced by both developers and operations teams back then.

As from the developer’s perspective:

  • A lot of unseen and unnecessary pressure is created to provide solutions right on time
  • Catering production-ready code management
  • Resolving issues takes ample of time

As from the IT operation’s perspective:

  • Managing resources
  • Taking care of redesigns and tweaks
  • Taking care of production-related issues can be troublesome

Now to address challenges faced by both the teams, one must:

  • Lower the failure rate
  • Enhance the deployment frequency
  • Shorten the lead time and come up with some quick fixes

Now the main objective behind devOps hype is to automate the process of development and operations. In addition every organization can build, test, and enhance services to a great extent. Further I would like to mention the benefits of using devOps.

Benefits of DevOps

#1 Faster Deployment

One of the obvious benefits of using devOps is that it encourages faster development and deployment. By doing so, nothing can stop your company from gaining a competitive edge within your realm. Did you know that the only difference between success and failure is not being proactive and reactive to the present scenario. Today we are living in an era where predicting anything is next to impossible, so during such crucial times having an infrastructure in place is pretty vital.

#2 Enhanced customer experience

Another benefit offered by devOps is that companies are able to deliver quick and precise services to the end users. Apart from fast deployment, enhanced customer experience and increased ROI are surely one of the crucial reasons for gaining a competitive edge above your competitors.

The modern customer demands for enhanced experience. Now this can be achieved by identifying issues right away and reducing time while troubleshooting. More or less, it’s about optimizing and streamlining procedures.

#3 Seamless collaboration

Of course, devOps is about combining developers and IT operations. It may quite interest you to know that today it has been observed that several teams don’t easily get along well and that’s when major issues start arising. So what needs to be done is break down all the inter-departmental silos and try to collaborate and communicate as much as you can.

DevOps offers much needed agility and atmosphere where people and seamlessly communicate and collaborate both internally and externally. Here everyone is equally responsible for not providing deliveries on time. There are no exceptions!

Now here comes the big question, how can devOps transform eCommerce business?

The need for devOps in the eCommerce Realm

Now I have come across this question multiple times: why is there a need for devOps in the eCommerce realm? Well, to begin with, can you tell me what’s the most daunting thing to do in the eCommerce business? To keep your website updated at regular intervals while offering personalized shopping experience to each customer. This is when devOps’ seamless collaboration is required.

Providing customer-centric services in the changing dynamics is what an eCommerce industry is all about. Fortunately, several businesses seem to have achieved a foothold in this competitive space while others are trying hard to thrive in this fierce, merciless scenario.

In addition, customers are found procrastinating more and more from these eCommerce sites. They want to stock, compare prices, read reviews and then make a purchase. With more and more disruptitve technologies being in demand such as augmented reality, the way of purchasing products seems to have changed a lot lately. They are more willing to mix and match products on them virtually and then make a purchase. So if we see from the developer’s point of view, everything has become pretty complicated. They need to keep up by changing codes on continuous basis, add new features and enhance performance like never before. Now how exactly devOps is beneficial here?

#1 Constant integration and delivery

Contious integration and providing seamless delivery is why devOps is highly being recommended in the eCommerce industry. In the end, it’s all about reducing number of errors and speeding up process to a great extent and ofcouse, developing product optimum to its quality.

By using devOps, programmers are able to detect errors at a very early age ensuring that a lot of time is saved. And of course, in the end, the software delivered to the end user is bug-free and high performant.

#2 Innovation

Another benefit of using devOps in the eCommerce industry is you get adequate amount of time to innovate. As mentioned earlier, here businesses are able to deliver a wide range of features and updates at a fanatic pace, leading to gain a competitive edge above. Now when this happens, it means you have adequate amount of time to innovate things and offer solutions. Also, no matter how many changes you happen to make, the pace between development and other department certainly never changes.

#3 Reduces Failures

The most important and non-ignorable benefit of devOps in the eCommerce realm is the reduction of failures. The use of devOps can certainly help programmers to identify defects in the code. The agile approach certainly assists well in reducing failures.

Further I would like to mentions certain ways devOps can transform your eCommerce business in one go!

How devOps can Transform your eCommerce business?

 #1 Innovation is here

One of the obvious ways through which devOps can transform any eCommerce business is by innovating. You see the conventional ecommerce software development life cycles aimed to work on software solutions and simply launch it. As a result, the solution comprised of several drawbacks and issues.

The actual solution may take a bot long time to gain attention in the market. Also, during that time, you never know the customer demands might changed. DevOps certainly offers companies to focus on constant innovations and transformations in the eCommerce business and other wise. This certainly helps businesses to stay on the top of their game.

#2 Automation

Another way to transform your eCommerce business in the shortest span of time is through automation. Everything right from testing to deployment, there are certain tasks which are pretty monotonous and tedious to do. And what if somehow these tasks gets automated? DevOps offers automation resulting in unprecedented value potential. Today more and more small and large scale businesses are found competing for creating strong online presence, timely updates and releases have become a sure short norm here. So yes, automation plays an extremely significant role here.

#3 Collaborative Approach

As mentioned earlier, DevOps is all about creating a seamless collaboration between developers, operations and testers to work towards the common goal. By doing so all the teams ensure that they are working on the same page resulting in the best possible solutions.

What exactly devOps promotes? Well, a its all about sharing responsibilities. Each one plays a crucial responsibility. And by putting continuous integration and development, best results can be achieved in no time.

#4 Enhanced Customer’s Experience

You see customer’s experience plays a significant role in determining success of any eCommerce business. Not to mention, the concept enhances customer experience to a great extent.

In case, if any bugs or bottlenecks found, a quick fix can be done. DevOps does makes sure that all the customer needs are met. As a result, better search rankings, conversion rates, high profits can be acheived.

#5 Security

Last but certainly not the least comes the security. Now today millions of security breaches are found taking place. As a result, security in any eCommerce website is necessary. Millions of shoppers tend to visit storefronts day in day out, and while doing so they must fill in their crucial data and details. Securing those data and details is quite necessary here.

Now you must be wondering how to do so?

  • Configuring SSL and TLS precisely
  • Keep having regular backups
  • Make sure that your server can be automatically configured
  • Apply for two-factor authentication
  • Encrypt sensitive data

Final Words

DevOps is not going anywhere and so is the eCommerce, and so are you! So why not collaborate and conduct an effective development project for your business. You know whether you like it or not, if you want to ride the wave of digitalization and innovation growth seamlessly, devOps+ eComemrce is something that must be taken into consideration. It ia advisable to get in touch with a reliable professionals who carry immense expertise in offering enhanced services and solutions in the short span of time.

So that’s all for now! In case, if you still have any doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below. Also, if you enjoyed reading the post please do help us in spreading the word by sharing it among your peers. Good luck!



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