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 In one of the most memorable animated superhero films, Batman confronted the kings of vampires in The Batman vs. Dracula. Although Batman was able to dominate Count Dracula by then, many of Gotham residents had been turned into the creatures of the night. The films open with the Joker and the Penguin together trying to find money hidden somewhere in the Gotham cemetery. They break the Arkham Asylum, but soon Joker is caught and killed by Batman before searching for money. 

However, the Penguin is still free, and he searches a crypt to find a coffin. But, accidentally, he cuts his hand; when the blood falls on the corpse, the corpse inside the coffin comes to life, and it is revealed that it is a vampire. Penguin decides to flee, but before he can do that, the vampire reveals that he is Count Dracula, who was brought to Gotham from Transylvania after his death. He then proceeds to hypnotize the Penguin to use him as his daytime servant.

As Count Dracula starts building his army, there is a sudden increase in unexplained disappearances all over Gotham. When Batman witnesses one Dracula attack, he tries to intervene but is surprised by the creatures’ strength. Later, he speculates over what just happened and can’t seem to make sense of the events. He then holds a corporate party for a solar energy storing device in which Dracula arrives disguised as an anthropologist.

Bruce grows suspicious of Dracula and offers him some shrimp but Dracula hypnotizes him to bite him, only to be saved by Alfred, who comes to see Bruce for some reason. Bruce then realizes that Alucard spelled backward is Dracula and understands that he is responsible for all the attacks in Gotham recently. When they fight, Dracula offers him to join his forces, but to no avail, Batman refuses.

Meanwhile, it is revealed that Joker is alive who then demands Penguin to show him all the money he got in their heist. When Joker chases Penguin to the tomb of Dracula, he is told not to open the coffin. However, he refuses to pay any heed to his former companion’s advice and does what he wants. As soon as the coffin is opened, he becomes breakfast for Dracula. As a vampire, Joker tries to rob a blood bank only to be caught by Batman, who studies his cellular structure to find an antidote to vampirism. He uses it to cure the Joker, who reveals the location of Dracula’s tomb.

Batman also finds out that Count Dracula had a wife named Carmilla, for whose resurrection has kidnapped Vicki, a reporter. He goes straight to his lair, curing everyone using his antidote and disrupting the resurrection of Carmilla. He lures Dracula to the Batcave, where they fight each other. It appears Dracula has the upper hand, but when Alfred intervenes to help his master, Batman uses the opportunity to use his solar energy storing machine to kill him. Dracula is reduced to dust while the Penguin caught with the treasure is blamed for the disappearances.

Source-How Did Batman Annihilate Dracula


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