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How Different Industries Are Using IVR Solution

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 IVR systems can optimize employees’ time and resources for any kind and size of business. An IVR system is a software-based communication system that is the most convenient and cost-effective way to streamline business communication.  


This system is extremely useful in client service and customer care. Every business needs a proper communication system to bridge communication between customers and their support center. IVR systems can help businesses in bridging this gap. They are not only used to reduce the waiting time for clients and leads but also because of their ease of use and scalability. 


IVR systems are a perfect replacement for the need of operators. With the use of IVR systems businesses no longer need to answer the same set of questions posed by customers’ day in and day out. IVR calling systems being automated systems, automate the manual calls or mundane calls faced by businesses every day. 


IVR systems from the many best IVR service providers in India give a professional touch by welcoming every caller with a pre-recorded message and it can be customized. These systems can attract more leads and customers in real-time when compared to other marketing methods.


How Different Industries Are Using IVR Solution

IVR systems are being utilized by different businesses these days. Almost any business uses IVR service to provide seamless outbound campaigns without the need for full-time agents. This saves a substantial amount of business money. Below are the ways different industries are taking full advantage of IVR systems;


Finance & Investment



Several banks have automated their transactions with phone callers through IVR systems. They are the simplest way to enhance the satisfaction of customers as every call is routed to the right department at any given point in time. Banks are some of the institutions that receive massive incoming calls every day at any time. It is practically impossible for agents to reach out to each caller and thereby an IVR system can be of great help here.  


Lending Institutions


Institutions in lending are using IVR systems for various purposes such as credit and collection, billing, information, etc. For all these purposes, IVR systems can help customers get the answers to their queries and concerns. 




Insurance companies are also a part of finance and investment institutions that receive huge incoming calls daily. IVR systems can not only manage the many incoming calls but also organize these calls appropriately, thereby boosting customer service.


Real Estate


Real estate companies can benefit from IVR services by being able to reach out to customers and serve them well.  These systems can route the incoming calls to the many real estate agents, to the billing and sales department, to the support team, etc effectively.  


Communication Services

Telecom Companies


IVR systems can be used by different telecom companies to communicate with their clients regarding technical support, billing inquiries, customer complaints, new products, and services, plan upgrades and various sales-related concerns, etc. An IVR system has the power to resolve many client inquiries without the need for agents. 


Internet Providers


IVR systems can provide many benefits to internet providers in the same fashion as telecom companies. These systems can be very useful for resolving service complaints, technical support, product upgrades and inquiries, billing concerns, etc.


Call Center Industry


IVR systems can help call center companies in many different ways. IVR systems can precisely route the massive incoming calls to the right agents. These systems can also help make outgoing call marketing a huge success without the need for many agents.




Just like call center companies, IVR systems can help telemarketers in a great way. Telemarketers need to deal with a huge volume of outgoing calls to attract leads and IVR systems can help in such a situation. 

Food & Hospitality

Food Delivery Service


IVR systems are highly beneficial for food delivery services, especially in the convenient delivery of food to consumers. IVR systems either single-level or multi-level can engage customers and help connect with a live agent when required.


Hotels and Resorts


IVR systems are used at most hotels and resorts to allow customer outreach, especially to departments such as agents, food and beverage, housekeeping services, sales, information and room service, etc. Since peak seasons mean heavy incoming calls, IVR calling systems make the management of customer calls easy. 



General Helplines


IVR systems can be used by many helpline centers that are providing personal and social counseling, especially for people suffering from loneliness, depression, and anxiety, and seeking counseling, support, and advice. 


Clothing & Apparel



IVR systems can help large retail companies in handling and manage their clients, customers, other affiliates, etc in the most efficient way possible. These systems can address several customer concerns easily and resolve them immediately.   



Hospitals & Clinics


IVR systems are often used to manage several departments and units at hospitals and clinics. These systems help greet and guide the callers to different departments such as hospital administration, doctor’s room, laboratory, and other hospital services.



Schools & Universities


IVR systems play a very important role in the management of educational institutions, especially for the different calls expected throughout the day. These systems can route each incoming call to different departments such as the registrar, school director or principal, library, university dean, etc. 



IVR systems can bring about positive changes to any type of business. With a self-service option, IVR systems help callers resolve their queries by themselves quickly. IVR system is designed in such a way that every industry can manage its operations well in addition to reaching out to customers and vice versa. It not only cuts down on time but also expenses on hiring and training staff to manage incoming and outgoing calls.  


Moreover, IVR systems from any IVR service provider can give a personalized and great customer experience to every caller. It creates a good impression of brands is it any industry. If customer service and experience matter the most to your business, then it’s time to implement an IVR system. If your business or industry is looking for the best IVR service provider in India, call Office24by7 Technologies at 91 7097171717 or email us at sales@office24by7.com


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