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How do bed bugs behave?

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Bed bugs are animals that have lived with humans for thousands of years. This cannot be achieved without mastering the art of obfuscation and, we can affirm, that they are one of the most elusive species in the animal kingdom.

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Bed bug way of life:

They are animals that flee from light, so they look for dark and warm places where they can hide between meals. They tend to stay obfuscated in places close to their food source, but this does not prevent us from finding them in places other than the bed.

In fact, they are almost never only in bed, since there are other comfortable and quiet shelters where they can live and reproduce: skirting boards, picture frames, plugs, curtain supports.

Regarding thermal conditions, bed bugs are relatively comfortable in temperature ranges between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius. Below 13ºC the adults can go into hibernation and spend long periods of time of many months.

Although they cannot fly or jump, they do move lightly and so Bed bug extermination in Wildomar is very important. Their speed of movement is a little more than a meter per minute, and they can travel up to 18 meters in search of food if they are desperate.

It should be noted that in homes, unlike in their original habitat, bed bugs do not have natural predators, which makes it almost impossible to carry out biological control over the species. And so, it is always advisable to hire professional Pest control bedbugs in Wildomar.

Feeding of bed bugs:

Bed bugs are blood-sucking insects that feed on warm-blooded animals. They feed about once a week and, once they have satiated their appetite, they hide again in places close to their food source. It's true that humans are a delicacy for bed bugs, but they won't hesitate to feed on household pets if they get the chance.

Bed bug ingestion usually occurs at night, but the only reason this occurs is because we normally sleep after the sun has set. They know perfectly when to go out to feed since they detect the CO2 exhalations that the human being emits while sleeping.

This data allows us to conclude that they can also bite us while we are taking a nap or, in the case of very serious infestations, while we are awake. Hire a Bed bug exterminator in Wildomar now!

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