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If you're facing a disabled Facebook account caused by suspicious activity detected, you're probably wondering “How can I recover Disabled Facebook Account?” The most likely reasons why a disabled Facebook Account would suddenly appear in your profile are: Violating Facebook rules and terms and conditions after warnings from Facebook. Also, posting content that violates the rules, policies and regulations of Facebook, specifically on public platforms. This means you could have accidentally run afoul of one of their policies or Terms Of Use and you'd suddenly find yourself unable to access your account. Here's how you can go about recovering a disabled Facebook password and getting back into your contact's life.

How can I recover a disabled Facebook account?

The easiest way to go about recovering a disabled Facebook account is to contact Facebook and ask them to lift the ban (if it's there) or undo the action which brought it about. They'll either grant your request or not, but there's no harm in requesting either way because if you can show them that a person has been using your Facebook page without your consent, you can have them take action against that person. This would include blocking them from using your profile, removing your content, and removing any contact information you've given them.

How do you get back into your Facebook profile if you've had a recent got your account temporarily disabled?

You can still get back into Facebook, but you need to contact Facebook about it first, or about the problem that made you disable your account in the first place. There are two methods for doing this: temporarily disabling your account (for Facebook security reasons), or erasing all your posts and receiving a message saying you're permanently disabled. The latter option will remove all your content from Facebook forever, so if you don't want to be erased from Facebook forever you should take the former option.

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