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Canon printers are renowned for offering the best tech experience to users in the context of printing on a global level. The brand provides varieties of printer models to choose from for their work or professional needs. As the products are available in a vast range, users have received constant feature additions in the printer that have served well with being user-friendly.

However, regardless of the high popularity rate of the brand and features, you will discover error codes anyways. After using your printer regularly, it is usual for your printer to display some error codes. These error codes will cause interruptions during your printing jobs and will be quite a hassle to handle.

Sometimes dealing with these error codes can be frustrating, especially when users have no absolute idea about how to fix the situation. But in these cases, instant solutions can help you deal with the problem pretty easily. And if you are looking for an accurate method to remove the error code 1682 from your printer, then you have come to the right spot for you. Before we step ahead into the discussion on the solutions to resolve the error code 1682, we need to know a few things, which include how to maintain and clean your printer regularly. By following the basic information on managing your printer, you can prevent your printer from error codes that occur too often.

Sometimes you may discover the error codes in your printer due to heavy usage or if any foreign material has blocked the movement. You need to check your printer constantly if the internal parts have accumulated dust or debris. Also, verify from time to time if any mechanical parts need fixing or replacement. You need to check the ink levels, including any ink leakage on the counter and clogged nozzles. So, if you rarely want to face these errors in your printer, you need to clean your printer.


How to identify the possible causes behind the error code 1682?

In a Canon printer, the error code 1682 symbolizes issues related to the cartridges. Here, the issue represents the struggle of your printer being unable to read one or more cartridges. Usually, the error code will display with the error message stating the exact issue, which is “The Fine Cartridge cannot be recognized,” or it can be “The ink cartridge cannot be recognized.” You should know some facts about printers that are important, for instance, it consists of gold contacts, which are designed at the front of the cartridge. Gold contacts designed in the printer works as the medium to communicate easily with the cartridges and gather information like what are the estimated ink levels in the cartridges.

And if somehow the gold contacts of the printer accumulated dirt particles, ink, or got damaged while working on the printer. Then you will undoubtedly encounter one of the error codes in the Canon printer. It means if your printer does not recognize both of the installed cartridges electronically, it will be a huge problem to overcome. It is necessary to make sure that your printer recognizes them before heading to the printing jobs. Understanding the basic facts will help you figure out the causes, which are necessary to resolve the error code.

By gathering the causes behind the error code will help you identify an emerging problem in your printer. If you discover an error code, then there can be several reasons hiding behind it. Let’s find out the solutions to remove the error code from your printer.

Troubleshooting the Canon printer error code 1682

Now that we have gathered what the causes behind the error code 1682 are, we need to step into the solutions. The steps mentioned below will help you efficiently resolve the error code. And if the steps mentioned in this blog failed to help you, then you should contact a tech expert or Canon technical support team. Here are the following instructions to resolve the error code 1682.

Step 1: Remove the Cartridges

  • Here, you have to start with identifying which one of the cartridges is causing the issue. It indicates that you have to verify which one is displaying the error message. Check if it is the black cartridge or the colored one? In the case of this error code, the error message will be displayed as “check ink error 1682” on your printer.
  • And If you are unable to figure out or have not been displayed by the printer about which one of the cartridges is corrupting your printing jobs. Then you have to remove both of the cartridges from the printer carefully.

Step 2: Clean the cartridge contacts

  • When we talk about the cartridge’s contact, we need to locate it first. So, on the front of the cartridges, you will locate a small strip designed with a series of gold contacts in the printer. You need to remove and thoroughly clean these contacts with a piece of a paper towel or non-fibrous tissue.
  • If you find any foreign particle or anything that particularly seems inappropriate or unsuitable on the contacts. Then you have to take them out or clean them with an alcohol-based cleaning solution or something that can wipe them neatly.

Step 3: Reinstall the cartridges

  • After you have wiped the cartridge contacts thoroughly, you have to wipe down the cartridges as well. You need to wipe other internal parts as well to make sure that the dirt particles or leaked ink on the counter are removed. It will prevent your printer from future damage.
  • Once the cleaning has been attempted, you have to reinstall the cartridges and the cartridge contacts back into their suitable places securely. Then close the access door of the printer after everything is placed in its position properly.

Now you can see your printer without the error code and will be able to resume your printing jobs. If the error code still displays in your printer, then it is probably due to damaged contacts or due to the issues in functioning electronically. Here, the most recommended idea is to replace the damaged cartridge. Also, it is strictly suggested to buy Canon original cartridges. But you can also use one with fine qualities, which includes the lowest chance of creating problems in your printer.

Source :- https://ijstartcanonmanual.linktvroku.com/how-do-i-get-my-canon-printer-out-of-error-code-1682/


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