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How do I get the most out of consumer data?

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If your business wants to utilise customer data to its fullest potential, it’s essential to understand what your customers want and when they want to buy. You can use this information to create more effective marketing campaigns and better target your customers and prospects, and even improve your product offerings. We’ll discuss some advice for maximising the value of accurate customer data for your company in this blog:


Understanding the pain points of your customers

It’s essential to know your customer’s pain points. 


Here are some questions you can ponder:

– What do they value most? 

– Why would they be interested in using your product if they have never used it?

– How do they think about your brand and competitors’ brands? 

– How do you use their products or services daily?


If you can solve those pain points, You’ll be able to reach more people and raise the possibility that they’ll make a purchase from you.

Understanding who is your best customers and what they value

Understanding what your customers value, their aspirations, and consumption orientations will help you deliver a better product or service. You can do this by asking them directly or observing their lifestyle and expenditure behaviour data through Kentrix.

You can also look at your competitors’ products and services, as well as any trends in the market that may have an impact on your business model.


Where and how to target your high potential audience 

Geolocation of consumer profile data down to the household level is most valuable when you can use it to tailor your marketing campaigns. Kentrix, with its Geomarketeer platform, delivers geolocation-based intelligence using micro market-focused data and analytics functionalities, delivered as a service. Besides targeted offline marketing activities, you can apply this information in your online targeting on major DSP platforms.


Learning about customer sentiments

You can use sentiment analysis to get an in-depth understanding of what your customers think about your brand. Sentiment analysis is a way to measure customer opinions about your brand, and it’s especially useful for understanding how people are talking about you on social media, videos, and reviews. 


Concluding, we know that collecting the right consumer data can be difficult. This is where Kentrix can change the game for you. Kentrix has built a household / residential building precise 91.5+ Cr. strong India master customer database by merging offline- and online collated purchase behaviour from more than 80+ sources.



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