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One of the easiest ways to invest in real estate is through rentals. If you're not sure where to start, here are some tips on how to get started with commercial property leasing.

Find a good location for your rental property

Commercial properties need to be placed near major highways or other busy areas so that they can attract plenty of tenants. It's also important that the area has good schools and public transportation so residents don't have any trouble commuting between their residence and work. Lastly, it should be near jobs since people who live there will likely work nearby as well.

Choose what type of building you want

The first step when finding a property is deciding whether you want an office space or residential apartments/condominiums. Another option is to lease a retail space and have your own business.

Each type of building comes with its own unique set of pros and cons, so you'll need to do some research to see what's the best fit for your needs.

Get your finances in order

Just like when you're buying a property, you'll need to have your finances in order before you can start renting out space. This includes having enough money to cover the down payment, monthly mortgage payments, and other associated costs such as property taxes and insurance. You should also have a solid credit score in order to get approved for a loan.

Hire a property management company

If you don't have the time or resources to manage your rental property on your own, a property management company will do the job for you. You'll have to pay them a monthly fee though so this is something to keep in mind when setting rent prices.

Investing in real estate rentals don't need to be hard if you know what you're doing. With some research and preparation, your property could bring in consistent income every month.


There are many factors to consider when investing in commercial property rentals. We want you to invest wisely and avoid any common mistakes that can happen with this type of investment, which is why we put together this list for you.



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