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How do I open another Cash App account if my present account is closed?

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Cash App is known as one of the most popular digital payment apps in the United States. And as of 2021, Cash App had over 36 million active users. There are so many great features of the Cash App, such as direct deposit, activated cash card, and buying or selling bitcoin. However, some of the users have had to face issues while using the Cash App. The one common problem among users was the- Cash App account closed.

If you are one of them and now wondering why Cash App closed my account, you will learn everything about it here in this blog. When your Cash App account is closed, there could be different situations. For example, you may have had money in your Cash App account when it was banned, and you would like to get your money back at least. So can you get your banned Cash App account back? In this blog, I will mention all the reasons why the Cash App account is closed. Moreover, you will also learn all the steps to reopen the closed cash app account.

Why would the Cash App close my account?

So Cash App can decide to close your account due to several reasons. When your Cash App account is banned, you must first find out why it happened. While it is not possible to understand the common causes, it can help you prevent a ban in the future. Now, let’s one by one know the reasons why Cash App account is closed:

Age: For creating a Cash App account, you must be 18 years old. This is the basic requirement you must complete to access all the features. If you somehow create a Cash App account using fake ID proof, but when Cash App detects, your account will be closed.


Verify your account: If you don’t verify your identity after multiple transactions, the Cash App account could be closed. Although account verification is not mandatory on Cash App still, you must keep your Cash App account verified because, by this, you will be able to send or receive a large sum of money.

Too many failed login attempts: Cash App can close your account if you make multiple attempts to login into your Cash App account. When you cannot log into your Cash App account, instead of entering an incorrect password multiple times, you must reset the password.

Sharing fake details: Many people create the Cash App account with fake details. And in the end, regret it seriously when they find that Cash App closed their account with money in it. Remember that such mistakes are very dangerous and can lead to a permanent ban on your Cash App account.

Cash App closed my account due to a violation of the terms of services.

When you are using Cash App, know that there are certain terms of services of this payment platform. Let’s not forget that scams and various cyber-attacks are rising like never before. That’s why it has become very important to apply, maintain and follow the rules for a safe payment experience. Cash App bans accounts regularly as most users violate the stated Cash App terms knowingly or unknowingly on the app.

For instance, if you use a VPN or any other such tools to hide your location. Moreover, if you are trying to log in to your account with someone on Cash App, fix them. For example, if you are trying to log in to your account on someone else’s phone and don’t have access to your registered phone number, then it means, though unwantedly, you are presenting yourself as a suspicious user on Cash App.

Cash App account closed gambling

Although gambling is not illegal in the United States, when you make any suspicious transactions and indulge in fraudulent activities, it could lead to consequences. Under the Cash App terms of services, any unlawful internet gambling could get your account closed. In addition, there are certain restricted transactions such as electronic funds transfers, checks, credit, or drafts accepted by gambling businesses in connection with the participation by others in unlawful internet gambling.

Cash App account closed my account bitcoin.

This is the common question of what happens when a Cash App account is closed. So when the Cash App closes your account, all your money, bitcoins, and stocks are locked immediately. You don’t have to be surprised if a Cash App account is closed with money in it. Unless you don’t open your account, you will not withdraw this money. So here are all the required steps to get unbanned on Cash App:

  • Install the Cash App on your phone
  • Scroll to the top-right corner and tap on the Profile icon
  • Move down and get to the bottom side of the screen
  • At the bottom, there is a Cash App Support button. Click on it.
  • Describe the issue and request to unlock your Cash App account.

Once you have made the request, wait for a few days to respond to the Cash App customer service. Be patient, and hopefully, your account will be unlocked.

How do I open another Cash App account if my present account is closed?

Following are the steps you need to take to reopen a closed Cash App account:

  • Open the Cash App on your phone
  • Click on the Profile icon, and scroll down Sign-Out
  • You will be redirected to the Sign In page once you sign out of the current account.
  • Click on the Sign-up option to create a new Cash App account
  • For registration, enter a new email ID or number to start the sign-up process
  • Verify the email ID or phone number that you provided
  • Once the registration is complete, you can easily log into your account.



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