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What is the YouTube video promotion?

In layman's terms, an encoder is a device that allows makers to compress huge videos so that they take up ‘less space.' It could be either software or hardware.

A video encoder allows you to share your screen, broadcast your gaming, use external YouTube video promotion service providers and audio devices, and manage many microphones and cameras in addition to compression. You can also use different tracks and other effects to enhance your films.

Before purchasing an encoder, creators should do their homework. It's crucial to understand all of the encoder's features if you don't want to end yourself in the embarrassing situation of having to wait 239,987 years for your movie to be compressed.

How can I use a video encoder to stream on YouTube?

You can set up scenarios, layouts, and shots using some video encoders. They are, in essence, your video's templates. A scene is made up of numerous shots, each of which is a single take. Layouts, on the other hand, pertain to how visual elements such as movies and photos are arranged.

You can use them to handle other objects that you want to display on your screen. Sources are the name given to certain media assets.

A source is whatever you want to put on your screen. This could contain things like your webcam, screen capture (for example, the game you're streaming), graphics, and so on.

To add a source, select the media asset you wish to add by clicking the ‘+' symbol. You can then select where that source shows on your screen.

Some encoders add the audio from the game you're streaming or the microphone's audio automatically, while others don't. As a result, it's a good idea to add your audio and test it to make sure it's not echoey, too loud, or too muffled.

After you've added your sources and tested the audio, make sure to test the complete final result to verify that the viewers have a smooth experience.

Learn more about video encoders and how to use them for streaming.


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