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How Do I Set up my Android TV?

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Android TV is a working framework for TVs and enormous screen viable gadgets and not just gives access to a lot of utilizations And sight and sound real-time features, just as Android applications and games. Everything on TV, with Google Chromecast coordinated, effectively Everything can be gotten to from the controller. Likewise, it is extremely simple to design Android TV, you just have to follow a couple of steps.

Assisted Setup and Two Methods of Installation

As you need to go for the installation process. weather is tv or player station. You need a google account to access that.

You have to choose apps that you want to use and install.

After installing, register them with a device.

For Andriod tv, setup follows these simple steps.

  • Attach your android tv with an HDMI jack. And put it on to select the HDMI to connect with the device.

  • Then opt for one language and press next.

  • After that press, skip for configuration through android tv /setup or by filling the data.

1. Android TV Setup with Another Android

Configuration of android tv using the phone. 

  • Search for google in settings on your phone and press restore.

  • press on the ” near machine” configuration 

  • Then press next and, your phone will search the connection of android tv.com /setup after 20 seconds.

  • Then on the screen, you will have to put code that has come on your phone after that press next.

  • Use the google account for ANDROID TV.

  • Then finish the process by allowing the terms and conditions on your tv.

After this process, your android tv is active.

2. Configuration using “androidtv.com/setup”

Installing a television on an android is easy, but the configuration process is complicated. And now Google has given you the best website which is allowed on both pc and phone.

  • Press skip on the screen and put the internet connection on the device you are using.

  • Open the webpage and log in to androidtv.com/setup and put the captcha which shows on the screen. 

  • Now sign up with a google account and attach it to your tv.

  • Then follow these simple steps as directed and put a tick on terms and conditions and your app will be installed.

when your android tv will be connected to the internet you will be able to enjoy many platforms like Netflix, prime, player, and extra.

For more read – https://ctrlr.org/how-to-set-up-an-android-tv-for-the-first-time/


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