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First, you got to be careful because you don't want to tell it too early. Still, you don't want to do it too late either, right it's not fair to a man to get into right before intimacy and then let him know that you, so really, the best time to tell him is when you see real potential for Intimus for an intimate relationship with him. so if he's looking like boyfriend material. He seems interested too then I think it's something you need to tell and here's How I would say it Bob there's something I'd like you to know about me and then give him the facts right.

You can say I have been diagnosed with herpes, and you can tell them very briefly how it is showing up in your life. So you could say it hasn't been a big problem for me. Still, I wanted to let you know about it and then tell him this was an important part because I'm telling you that I see that there's potential for us to have a relationship. I think it's important for you to know and do you have any questions for me is there anything you want to ask me about it and then be quiet, give him a moment to think to give a moment process and then maybe you'll have a conversation.

He may be a guy that says doesn't work for me, sorry, doesn't work for me, and if he does, that's okay, right? It's not about you. Everybody has their sort of boundaries about what they will and will not accept In a relationship. Still, I got to tell you the truth that 50 to 75 percent of women over 50 RK either care for the herpes virus or earn or have symptoms 50 to 75 percent. So it's important to know, and this shows up in the population of women that I support. Almost half of them have the herpes virus. So you're not alone, and guess what? Most of the men you're going to be sharing this with have either been with somebody or they may have it themselves.

My friend is engaged; they both carry the virus, and everything's okay. The men don't, but everything's okay. They work it out, so This is all about doing like a grown-up. This is about being direct, honest, and letting them know when it's fair to him and when it works best for you.

Everyone Has a Herpes Virus:

Eight viruses play a role in human lives, some of which are explained below.

As we know, there's HSV-1; the first one, HSV-1, is most commonly normal. Most commonly known as oral herpes, so our cold sores Are on our mouth there's also HSV.

Genital Herpes:

The second one is commonly known as genital herpes, which is also commonly known as herpes. So they're both interchangeable. They can go to the oral or genital, but that is one end – the third purpose virus is the VAR Sillaesos turbine virus. It's commonly known as chicken pox, which eventually turns into, if you're lucky, shingles, so I don't know About you, but I'm of the generation who had chickenpox depending on how old you are. You may not have the vaccine, but that's just part of life.

We just got it. We all had it, so everybody that had chickenpox carries a herpes virus. As we know, it's these itchy things, and you get rash and fever, and it's uncomfortable, but that's it, and then later on, if you're stressed out in life, you will get shingles.

The cytomegalovirus

The fourth is The very common cytomegalovirus, and we don't have symptoms, so we get it and don't even know we have it.

Epstein-Barr virus

The fifth is the Epstein-Barr virus which is commonly known as mono. Mono is what you get in college. That's what you get from the kissing virus, and right now, you get it in high school college. It's like the perfect storm in college for it. You're sharing saliva, and that's what it is. It wrecks your immune system, and You are out, you don't have any energy, and you get a fever, swollen glands 40 it's not fun.

We all have it. We are all living with the herpes viruses. It's just part of being a human and goes along with life. We're going to get them as babies, and we're going to live through life and that we're going to die with them. So we're going to spend the rest of our lives with them. I just don't want you to feel alone. It would help if you didn't feel like you're the only one, so the good news is when you are talking to someone and telling them that you Have herpes, you can tell them with my above tips.


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