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Jamming devices were first used by the military and armed forces. This interest comes from the underlying goal,Refuse to successfully transmit information from sender (tactical commander) to receiver. Jammers are widely used to prevent bombs from going off or to isolate suspects in hostage situations. Jammers are illegal in many countries, except in the military, law enforcement and other government agencies.

The technology behind jamming is pretty simple. Interfering devices broadcast radio frequency signals in the frequency range where the communicating devices are communicating, resulting in no signal. interfering equipment by
The same frequency and high enough power make the two signals collide and cancel each other out.
Cell phones are designed to increase power when encountering low level interference, so jammers must identify and match, cell phones are full duplex devices, which means they use two separate frequencies, one for speaking and one for listening simultaneously.

Fundamentals of Military Jammers

The basic principle is to use a military signal jammer to block cell phone signals in a specific area for a certain period of time.
A GSM modem controlled by a microcontroller is used to set the jammer's on and off times. These types of devices provide an advantage to our enemies and completely isolate them. Signal jamming is useful for disrupting communication networks and other defense systems. By supplying our armed forces and government agencies with these beneficial devices and equipment. Radio interference is the deliberate radiation, re-radiation or reflection of electromagnetic energy with the purpose of interfering with the use of electronic equipment, equipment or systems. When used, jammers can effectively block cellular activity between base stations and devices by creating a temporary “dead zone” for all cellphone traffic in their immediate vicinity.

We have successfully implemented the hardware design and software architecture of a signal jammer in military operations.
There are good and bad sides to every technology, and what matters is how we use it. This device can help us
Armed forces isolate enemy outposts, preventing them from calling in reinforcements and other vital supplies from bases,
This will force them out of post and the troops will move forward more easily. This can also be used as dynamite
equipment. We also learned the basics of hardware design through this project.





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