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The need for advanced video surveillance systems has developed due to growing thefts, crimes, and property damages. Modern solutions provide internal and external security wherever and whenever required. The trailers are a complete security solution that offers excellent convenience and seamlessly supports multiple intelligent devices for instant and anywhere access. The mobile surveillance trailers are easy to move from site to site and are categorized as follows: 


  • Long Deployment Surveillance Trailer
  • Lightweight Surveillance Trailer
  • Law Enforcement Surveillance Trailer
  • Campus Safety and Security Surveillance Trailer
  • Construction Site Surveillance Trailer
  • Speed Radar/LPR Trailer 
  • Diesel-Powered Surveillance Trailer
  • Solar-Powered Mobile Security Trailers 


 Benefits of Video surveillance system

  • Real-time monitoring functionality
  • Easy to deploy remote video surveillance system
  • Customized & configured to meet clients’ needs
  • Robust trailer-mounted camera system 
  • Well-suited for multiple applications
  • Strong and rugged for long-term use
  • Access to live streaming video on pc, mobile, and laptop


When it comes to safeguarding properties, the cost of getting the systems installed is always a concern. However, you can save time and money with mobile surveillance trailers or virtual guards. These pocket-friendly systems do not need any hardware and cable, and this reduces their installation cost. With traditional camera systems, you must install multiple systems to cover the full area. But, the mobile trailers are full-serviced solutions that provide effective coverage of your site and are portable. 


  • The trailers for security are an ideal choice for unconventional locations.
  • You can get these trailers installed for both long- and short-term use.
  • The systems are flexible to be moved from one location to another. 
  • Trailers feature remote activation lights and alarms that prevent theft and alerts you. 
  • Advanced features like motion detection, remote monitoring, specific angle capturing, real-time alerts, and more make trailer-based systems best over installed CCTV cameras.
  • The self-contained systems easily get powered by the sun and equip gasoline-powered generator backup systems for uninterrupted surveillance.
  • To ensure image clarity, the trailers must also be powerful to live record incidents in bad weather conditions. Therefore, the latest technology-rich trailers offer platform stability with robust mast designs.




To Sum Up

 Whatever you are in the world, technology has empowered everything so that you can stay connected and keep an eye on your assets and valuables. Mobile surveillance trailers are one of the greatest innovations that made our lives tension-free and secure. Custom-built solutions are undoubtedly a far better option than wired CCTV cameras. 



 OTRX in Fresno, CA, is a totally secure provider of mobile security trailer solutions. Here, the experts offer systems with a 360-degree view of your sites 24/7. Just one system is needed instead of employing multiple security officers, which will be a worthwhile long-term investment. Hence, for safety against unfortunate events, thefts, and criminals, incorporate a feature-rich video surveillance system from a reputed company in CA. 

To learn more, visit https://otrxllc.com/.







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