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How Do Planets Determine the State Of Your Future?

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Talking about the Hindu Vedic, the concept of astrology is known as the ‘Sam Bhavate Sam Graha’ which influences the nature and personality of the person. The significance of the person's birth time situation on the planet impacts his nature and behavior a lot. Therefore astrologers used to see the situation of stars and planets to estimate the actual condition of a person.

Role Of Planets In Astrology 

The planets decide the nature of a person. If the person belongs to Moon, he is more captivating, insensitive, silent, and honest. Based on the initial and cumulative condition of the person, astrologers determine his future. How the condition of a person at the time when he was born, what was the placement of planets like Moon and Venus and others, will display accurately about the astrology. Find the right astrology for Taurus horoscope today in Hindi with a great astrologer app. One such horoscope information platform is Shuru.

  • Sun: is the resemblance for light. Under the circumference of the Sun, other planets move and take the light from it. 
  • Moon: it resembles the royal nature within the person. 
  • Mars: it signifies the mangal dosh of the human. It has a strong resemblance to the marriage of a person. 
  • Mercury: the planet belongs to wish and garners luck for a person.Venus: the planet imbibes sensual nature in person 
  • Jupiter: it resembles the sea and its complexity.

Disturbing or Overruling Planets 

Saturn or Shani:  it is the ruling planet for Capricorn and Aquarius people. 

Rahu and Ketu: their presence disturbs the physical presence of the body. It causes the body like accidents and illness are the most obvious things that happen to a person.

Concluding Note

This is how the planets influence the life of a person. To get to know the exact predictions of your future you need to consult with an astrologer. For your support, you can download the Shuru app, and find the latest information about astrology. Find the Leo horoscope today in Hindi and others on the same portal.


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