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Michelin stars are the most prestigious award that a restaurant can receive, and the star rating will reflect on the chefs who work there as well, irrespective of whether they are wearing chef coats and the best chef aprons or juniors. They are given to eating establishments that have exceptional food, service, and ambiance. Having this accolade means that they get their equipment etc from the best places, and not from cheap stores that offer uniforms and chef hats for sale. Everything in these eateries is of a high class. So how do restaurants get Michelin stars?


Michelin Stars are awarded by the Michelin Guide

Michelin stars are awarded by the Michelin Guide, a French restaurant guidebook. It is run by Michelin Group and was developed in 1900 to encourage people to travel outside of Paris.


They started giving out stars as part of their reviews in 1926 but there were never any criteria for what the stars meant until 1936 when André Simonin wrote about his experiences at a restaurant called La Pyramide “I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that Monsieur Point’s cooking deserves three stars; the best restaurants of France have only two”. This became the standard and has been used ever since then with one star meaning “a very good restaurant”, two being “excellent cooking worth going out of your way for” and three meaning “exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey”.


Getting one Michelin star is seen as an honor for any food service establishment and it can be the difference between success and failure. In the early days of Michelin stars, getting one was much easier than it is now as restaurants could get away with having average food as long as they had great service. However, in recent years the standards have been raised and restaurants now need to serve truly exceptional food in order to be awarded a star.


In order to get a Michelin star, a restaurant needs to fulfil several criteria which are listed below:

  • The food must be excellent with dishes that are creative, original and well executed.
  • It must have a consistent level of quality and service across all of its dishes.
  • It must be able to adapt to the ever-changing food trends.
  • It must have an interesting concept and décor.


Michelin stars are highly coveted by restaurants as they can bring in more customers and increase profits. In order to achieve or maintain a star, an eatery needs to continually serve high quality food that meets the stringent Michelin criteria. There is no doubt that achieving or maintaining a Michelin star is a challenging task, but it can be worth it for the prestige and increased business it brings.


There are several restaurants around the world that boast three Michelin stars, which is the highest accolade that such an establishment can get.


The inspectors are anonymous, so no one knows when they may come to visit. The restaurant must make the same great food every day and maintain high service standards on each visit by an inspector. It is important for chefs to remember that even if there is a bad night because someone was sick or something else happened, it could cost them their star.


In order to get stars in the first place, these eateries need to be open at least five days during lunch and dinner hours. They also can't have any televisions or other distractions such as loud music playing while people eat their meals. There needs to be tablecloths on all tables along with candles and flowers for decoration purposes whenever possible too.


Factors that contribute to a restaurant's rating include food quality, service, and ambiance

While there are many factors that are taken into account to grant a restaurant with stars, one of the most important ones is how good their food tastes and smells. The overall presentation should also be appealing as well (e.g., does it look appetizing?).


Some other components include:

  • Service (how friendly were staff members?).
  • Atmosphere or ambience (was there enough lighting? Was it too loud?).
  • Location/accessibility (is there adequate parking space?).


Many famous restaurants have been awarded Michelin Stars

Some restaurants that have been granted Michelin Star status around the world include:

  • The French Laundry in California, USA.
  • Eleven Madison Park in New York City, USA.
  • The Ritz Carlton in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Maison Lameloise in Chagny, France.
  • Restaurant Frantzén in Stockholm, Sweden.


Michelin stars are not just given out willy-nilly; they need to fulfil certain criteria before they can be even considered for the award.


Although earning a Michelin star can be difficult, it is definitely worth the challenge. The prestige and recognition that come with this accolade are unparalleled, and they can help your restaurant stand out from the competition. If you are looking to earn a Michelin star for your own eatery, make sure you focus on quality and consistency above all else, and remember; it takes time and dedication to achieve culinary greatness!



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