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How do Restaurants Leverage SMS Marketing

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How do Restaurants Leverage SMS Marketing?

Did you know that 81% of diners use their smartphones to research nearby eateries? Observe the crowds at your restaurant to get a sense of the success of your business's SMS marketing campaign. Devices that can be used remotely are ubiquitous. 

Smartphones have become an integral part of the dining experience, with consumers using them to research restaurants, browse menus, and make reservations. It's little surprise that SMS marketing for restaurants is on the rise, since it only takes a consumer three minutes to view your text.

In order to promote their opt-with, several restaurant owners have decided to covering their tables in advertisements. However, this is only one possibility among several.

Let's investigate the ways in which mobile marketing might help your restaurant succeed.

Office24by SMS Marketing: How Can It Help Your Restaurant?

It's easy to promote eateries through text message. Just give it some thought. There are specific times of day when potential consumers are more likely to be craving food. In all likelihood, they will do it while holding a phone to their ear. Why not send them timely restaurant SMS messages advertising a discount or other incentive to sign up?

For more success with your restaurant's short message service (SMS) advertising, consider the following:

Boost advertising and publicity for the brand. Use brief, irresistible SMS offers to market your business. You may use pre-made SMS themes to inform clients of upcoming events and solicit their thoughts on your goods. Always include your company's name and URL at the conclusion of each text message promotion you send out.

Create a reliable list of your customers. Table wraps and menus printed with keywords and shortcodes may increase the number of people who choose to opt in. Make one-time customers regulars by texting them information they'll find useful and relevant. Make sure that initial text becomes something people look forward to on a regular basis; that's what restaurant marketing messages are all about.

Set up cancellation and reminder SMS in advance. The frequency of “no-shows” may be reduced by a large margin if automated text message reminders are sent out in advance of scheduled appointments.

Make sure they know what you're serving and what's fresh on it. Sending out enticing text messages with deals on your new, delicious food is a great way to get the word out. Be the buzz of the town by keeping your consumers in the loop with frequent updates.

Offer special discounts to new clients to increase your business. Keywords like “exclusive offer,” “1+1,” “student bargain,” “monthly contest,” “vouchers,” “restaurant text coupon,” and “discount code” all perform very well in restaurant SMS marketing. You can gauge the efficacy of promotional communications and target the correct customers by segmenting your subscriber list.

Do mass texting. You may use Office24by7's bulk SMS function to send out mobile notifications to hundreds of people in a short amount of time. Pre-plan when to send your SMS so they have maximum effect. 

  • Publicize your upcoming events and special offers using these tools.
  • Set up a vote. Creating SMS polls is a great approach to increase client participation. Plan your next mobile marketing strategy using the data you acquire.
  • You never know who has been waiting for the ideal occasion to check out your new ice-cream flavor on a hot summer day because of a holiday or other special event:

Hello, [Initial]! We have four new ice cream flavors at our Main Street store. Stop by today to get some free stuff, but you better act fast since we could run out. “[Store Name]”.

Plan parties for holidays like Halloween and Valentine's Day and use text messages to inform them about the event and invite their friends and family.

Make sure to promote your site wherever possible. Share links to new menu items and tastes by text message. In order to attract mobile users who are doing online searches, you might install click-to-text forms on your website.

Make your clients feel loved and valued by sending them birthday greetings on their special day. Include specials for their anniversary meal if they come to your establishment.

Importance of Text Message Promotion for Your Restaurant

The use of short message service (SMS) marketing for eating establishments is very rational. You should think about using this tactic because of all the ways in which it may improve your life. Sending out an attractive message at just the right moment via an SMS short code may result in a huge influx of new clients. Appointment reminder messages sent automatically by your phone may help you save a lot of money.

The main advantages of restaurant text marketing are as follows:

SMS advertising based on events may be quite useful. Utilize Office24by7 to automate your SMS advertising strategy. Messages may be pre-scheduled and sent out to your contacts based on your calendar and planned activities.

Quick achievement      

The pace of business in the restaurant sector is really high. If you make someone hungry, they will spend more money on food. Sales may be greatly increased if you catch them at the optimal moment. Quickly increasing profits is possible with the correct restaurant texting service. 

Profitability is quite high (ROI) 

Include humorous messaging with tempting 50% off bargains. Customers may be retained with the help of restaurant welcome messages, and delivering them at the correct moment is the first step in establishing a lasting business connection.


Customers' no-show rates may be drastically lowered with the use of appointment reminder software and restaurant SMS notifications. Promoting eateries by text messaging may save money compared to traditional methods like newspaper advertisements and fliers.

Consistency in patronage and satisfaction

Customers might be incentivized to become regulars at a restaurant by use of a customer loyalty club that sends out text message specials.

Formats for Useful Restaurant SMS Messages  

The following are just a few instances of how powerful restaurant promotional SMS samples can be in bringing in new customers and expanding your brand's reach. In case you've ever wondered how to employ text message marketing to advance your company, here are the steps you need to take:

Coupon for Dinner 

The Daily Diner is offering a free smoothie or coffee with any purchase when you present this SMS. Cheers, (Name of Eatery).

Confirmation of Dinner

Today, at 6 o'clock, you have a reservation. We need confirmation from you by SMS, so please respond. Cheers, It's time to eat at [Brand Name of Restaurant]!

For Students

Are you missing your mother's delicious cooking? We assure you that ours are almost as delicious. Between 12 and 2, [Restaurant Name] is offering a 25% discount on lunch.

Menus designed especially for college students. To check out our deals for students, please go to bit.ly/student-menu. Redeem them from 12 PM to 2 PM, Monday – Friday.

Weekly Specials

Curcuma chutney and dal makhani from the Indian chef are on sale. Not enough for two people to enjoy. At this restaurant exclusively ([Name of Restaurant]), you may get 20% off of your purchase.

Time-Bound Sales

Until 6pm today only, if you buy two pizzas you'll receive a free third one. just at [Name of Restaurant]. For even more incredible bargains, check out [URL].

Diner Opinions

It's time to eat at [Brand Name of Restaurant]! Can you describe your ideal meal?

  1. dish 1
  2. dish 2
  3. dish 3

If you cast your ballot before Sunday, you'll be entered into a drawing for a $20 discount.


Click here: bit.ly/survey to take our customer survey and enter to win a free meal for two. On 12/12/2022, winners will be contacted. Best wishes, It's time to eat at [Brand Name of Restaurant]!


[Name of Restaurant] – Join us on Friday between 6 and 9 for some chill blues. We'll buy you that first one! Just show this text message to get your reward.

Unique Weekly Deals

Trying to find the best Valentine's Day meal? Restaurant [Name] is celebrating the event with three limited-time menu items and a discount of [Percentage] for reservations made in advance. Get in touch with us at [number] to make your event one to remember!

Birthday Wishes and a Special Deal Just for You       

You've got to wish [Name] a happy birthday! You may enjoy [Percentage] off your bill and free sweets when you celebrate your special day at one of our restaurants. It's time to eat at [Brand Name of Restaurant]!

The Reopening of a Restaurant

Excuse me, [First Name]! Have you had enough takeout? Open for operation and in full accordance with all current COVID requirements is [Restaurant Name]. In order to book a reservation, please contact us at [Phone Number]. Send the word “STOP” to opt out of our SMS service.                                                          

Wrapping It up

If you are on the lookout for a good SMS software, then Office24by7 is the one. For more details, ring us up on +91 7097171717.

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