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Want to hire the labour for projects in countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc.? Then, it is a good idea to get the labour law training to understand the employee rights and your liabilities as an employer. If you are providing staffing solution to companies in these countries, GCC labour law certificate course can be of great help. 

Working as per the labour law is important to ensure amicable relationship with the employees. It is important to be aware of the employee rights and provide them facilities mandated under the labour law. By doing this, you can trust employee faith and attract more prospects who are willing to work for you.

The GCC labour law certificate course benefits the learners in the following ways:

  1. It helps understand the importance and framework of labour law as applicable in UAE, Saudi Arabia, etc.
  2. It provides understanding of the employee rights in the geographical context. Also, you gather knowledge about the organization’s rights too and protect yourself from legal challenges.
  3. The labour law training can help to formulate the wage plan as per the regulations. It also provides an insight into designing the contracts and stipulate commencement, termination and amendment of the contract as per the applicable law.
  4. HR practitioners can attain knowledge of merging the concepts with practical knowledge and incorporate the labour laws into the operational policies of the company.
  5. Various changes are introduced from time to time to make laws relevant to the prevailing conditions. As a part of curriculum, these changes are taught in the labour law course.  It helps the aspiring HR professionals to stay updated with the trending norms of employment in UAE and Saudi Arabia and other gulf countries. 

With all these benefits, the labour law course can provide the learner the practical aspect of these laws in sourcing, retaining and appraising the employees. As a part of HR training, the candidates get to learn right from deciding the time and length of employment to formulating the exit policy and everything in between. Thus, they can handle all the matters of daily and yearly importance such as overtime pay, monthly pay, paid leaves, tax rules, and annual appraisals as per the norms.

Basic learnings from the labour law training are:

  • Better idea of the labour laws applicable in employment in UAE and Saudi Arabia
  • Enhanced awareness of the staff rights from the geographical context
  • Correct application of the labour law and amendments in employment procedure
  • Sourcing the local and foreign workers as per the legal arrangements
  • Correct application of the contract process and ensuring better employee experience
  • Ensure the employees are trained as per the norms and put to the correct jobs

This course is worth considering if you aspire to be a valuable asset for the company. The recruiters prefer the HR professionals well conversant with GCC labour laws. They need qualified and trained professionals to place candidates abroad while following the prevalent norms. Learn more about this course and join it right away for better job opportunities.


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