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How Do You Buy a Cricut Maker or Explore Machine?

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So, you have finally bought the Cricut Machine, or are you just exploring the possibilities it can offer you as the craft enthusiast. Either way, if you are thinking about getting a Cricut machine for your experiments, this blog is the perfect guide for you. Whether you need to work with the machine for your leading workshop or need it for your home projects, Cricut is the ideal device for you. If you have already been familiar with the exclusive features of the Maker Machine, you should know speed and quality is the topmost factor. Even if you are just a home crafter, you can customize thousands of materials hassle-free within a shorter time. Let’s check out materials such as paper, vinyl, fabric, wood, leather, and even glasses. Not to mention, you get the tool selection and the bigger blade offered with the new adaptive tool system on the Maker machine.

Don’t worry if you got no idea about Cricut or how it works, as we have brought the proper guide for you. With Cricut machines, some of the tools will be perfect for your craft arsenal. There are so many possibilities with a range of features in different versions of Cricut machines. Let’s get started with the basic questions that people often get confused about when it comes to buying one of these machines. 

What is a Cricut Machine (Explore or Maker)?

A Cricut Maker or Explore is a cutting machine that operates electronically to carve the designs for your craft projects. You have the option to use your Cricut Maker or Explore device to cut a variety of materials. Here are a few examples that your machine can cut, such as vinyl, paper, cardstock, and heat transfer vinyl. With different versions of the Cricut device, you can even cut fabric, wood (basswood and balsawood), leather, and whatnot.

What Exactly Cricut Does for Craft Projects?

To work with the Cricut machine, you need to connect the Cricut machine to your computer using the Bluetooth connection method. You can even utilize the USB connection to establish the connection between both devices. Once the machine and your required device are connected, create designs, and send them to the machine for the cutting process. You can perform this whole procedure with the help of Cricut setup software or application. Cricut offers software known as “Design Space,” which is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, tablet, and Android to create designs. After completing the designs in the software, you can import the creations to cut them out with your machine. Inside, the machine houses a tiny blade (often called a rotary cutter, scoring tool, or pen). Once you have the arrangements ready to cut in Design Space, fasten the required material onto the cutting mat offered with the Cricut Maker. In the next step, send the designs from your device to the Cricut wirelessly. Load your material into the machine, and with just a press of a button, your project will begin processing.

Which Cricut Machine Should I Buy?

Currently, you will find five different types of Cricut machines in the market, such as Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Maker 3, Cricut Maker, Cricut Joy, and Cricut Explore 3. While choosing the machine, you need to finalize what type of project creation requirements you have. All Cricut devices come with the free Design Space software or application, and each of them has different cutting specialties. Deciding which machine, you should buy can get a little bit complicated, so let’s find out each machine’s cutting forte and the features it offers. Now, you have a chance to create your own customized projects. Let’s explore each of the machines to decide which one will be perfect for you.

Cricut Explore Air 2

Explore Air 2 is the machine that is recommended to purchase for most of your projects. Explore Air 2 is one of the most popular machines, and it offers a wide range of material varieties to cover, such as cardstock, vinyl, chipboard, and paper. With this Cricut machine, you can cut over 100 materials, including utilizing four writing, scoring, and cutting tools. It also features the Print and Cut feature, which allows you to print the designs onto the printable materials with your Cricut machine. It serves you the perfect way to make custom stickers.

Cricut Maker

With this machine, you get to perform similar tasks that Explore Air 2 does. Also, it comes with the addition of a cutting feature that allows you to cut thicker or more dainty materials like wood, fabrics, and leather. It will enable you to cut over 300 materials with 12 tools to cut, score, write, and other pro-level effects. The rotary blade and knife blade are dedicated to the maker. You can also use the Print and Cut feature with the Maker machine. The Cricut Maker machine is recommended to venture into more complicated experiments and projects with a broader range of materials.

Cricut Joy

Well, if your choice is to work with a more compact device, the Cricut Joy will be perfect for your everyday projects in comparison to the above machines. However, you will be able to cut materials up to 5.5 inches wide and purchase products up to 20 feet long. With the ability to cut over 50 materials, it is portable and allows you to use two tools for writing and cutting. Here, you can use the Card Mat with the Cricut Joy machine to create beautiful greeting cards. This machine is recommended if you are a beginner crafter and need to buy something on a tight budget. Creating simple projects such as cards, iron-on designs, and vinyl will be perfect.

Cricut Explore 3

As of 2021, Cricut Explore 3 machine is the newest edition and is like the Explore Air 2 regarding some contexts. It shows similarity in cutting a wide variety of materials, including vinyl, paper, and iron-on materials. However, the difference is it can create designs using Smart Materials. To experiment with the smart materials, you do not require a cutting mat to cut them. With this machine, your machine can cut up to 2x fast when using these materials. The Explore 3 also offers a sleeker design in comparison to the previous version.

Cricut Maker 3

The Cricut Maker 3 is also the newest edition that came in 2021, which has the capabilities of the Maker machine. Maker 3 is introduced as the most versatile machine for a pro-level crafter that does not require a mat. Also, it can cut up to two times faster compared to the previous model.

Are These Cricut Machines Worth it?

The Cricut Machine is a good investment if you love to create craft projects, especially with vinyl and paper. It will make your cut projects look professional and crisp. And after you have introduced yourself to the machine, you will get confident using it. You will be able to create crafts much quicker and make money with your own customized mugs, t-shirts, etc. As a crafter, I have used the Cricut machine a lot and still got many ideas to work on my craft projects. So, to conclude, as a beginner, it will be a perfect set of devices to experiment with.

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