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Businesses have been striving to develop a bot for Whatsapp to improve their customer service since WhatsApp Business API was introduced.

Competition for bot development has picked up pace because WhatsApp has become more accessible to all organization types.

Also, the API limitations have been somewhat relaxed. AI chatbots for ecommerce help most businesses to enhance their operations.

Do not, however, abandon your hopes just yet if you want a bot for WhatsApp, but the process of building one is too complex.

An efficient no-code option for automating WhatsApp is provided by chatbot builders.

Additionally, the development features are now more user-friendly than ever for creators and end users.

As a result, we wrote this guide to walk you through creating a bot for the Whatsapp approach!

What do you mean by WhatsApp Chatbot?

A chatbot program known as a “WhatsApp Bot” is designed expressly for use with the well-known WhatsApp secure messaging service.

With little to no oversight, a bot for Whatsapp can be utilized for conversational marketing, advertising, and promotional, as well as to assist you in managing client support queries.

Additionally, you can support your consumers in making purchases and instantly respond to their inquiries.

By automatically responding to frequently asked inquiries or confirming appointments, orders, and delivery in real-time, you can communicate with many consumers.

Such communication will be more effective while also enhancing customer satisfaction and saving you a ton of both money and time.

Your options for e-commerce are virtually limitless when you build your own WhatsApp bot.

You may personalize the user experience for each of your clients by modifying the code that runs the WhatsApp bot.

It is also simple and secure to chat with them instantaneously owing to WhatsApp's security.

How can you create a chatbot for WhatsApp?

Developing a bot for WhatsApp is simple if you have a course of action in place. The development of chatbots for

WhatsApp is comparable to the development of a Facebook Messenger Bot, but it gives additional customization options.

These are the procedures you must follow to construct WhatsApp chatbots.

Consider the conversation.

It's crucial to consider the conversation while developing your bot for Whatsapp if you intend to ensure that it will respond to your client's inquiries.

This is true for all chatbots, not just those designed for WhatsApp. That also entails considering how your bot should respond to the inquiries you will presumably get.

There are two different kinds of conversations: focused and unstructured.

With the use of alternatives and confirmations, guided conversations lead the user toward a particular goal, such as requesting availability, checking the progress of an order, setting up appointments, etc.

Users can ask inquiries and send messages in an open chat without being told to do anything in particular.

Request the WhatsApp Business API

To put it another way, before you could even develop WhatsApp chatbots, you should obtain the WhatsApp Business API beta program or acquire to utilize their API through a private entity. 

For med-sized and large corporations, direct inquiries to WhatsApp are now recommended. You can select either a client or a consulting firm when requesting authorization.

The application also needs the name of your business, the website's Address, and the spokesperson of your business's name and contact data.

The WhatsApp API can be used when your application has been examined and certified.

Use a chatbot development platform to build

You could save time by using a chatbot framework, such as Kommunicate, to build WhatsApp chatbots rather than creating them from scratch.

On this platform, you may add pre-configured reaction patterns, discussion flows, and scripts for particular tasks (such as inbound marketing and support tickets).

By providing you with information on the correctness of your comments, bounce rate, and general tone of a discussion, a platform can also assist you in enhancing the chatbot experience.

Ecommerce chatbots improve sales and retention for online stores which is a significant aspect of any business.

You can build a demonstration of your program using a chatbot platform before building the whole version.

This makes it easier to see the adjustments you need before spending more time and resources creating your WhatsApp bot.

Test your chatbot for WhatsApp

By responding to your clients, you can ensure that your bot functions properly. Correct mistakes related to context and response times and give it another shot to make sure it works.

This will ensure that the product is of an exceptional quality and is prepared to enhance customer relations.

The effort to create chatbots for WhatsApp need not be limited to that platform. A framework can be used to build a general chatbot for WhatsApp that can appear on several channels.

By doing this, you may install the same bot on other platforms (such as your homepage, Facebook page, Telegram channel, etc.) to provide a uniform experience across all platforms by employing the same scripts and answers.

Install the bot for WhatsApp on a number

You can implement your chatbot upon the number once it has been designed and authorized. You just need to provide it with a name, a logo (if needed), your contact information, and a link.

Evaluate and enhance your chatbot for WhatsApp periodically

Through the platform, you can monitor your chatbot interactions to learn how to make your reactions and scripting better.

Check comments, gathered information, and user interaction,  disengagement rates to learn customer behavior. Using gathered data you can better engage users and reply to their questions.

Remember that a chatbot for WhatsApp serves a different purpose than Facebook or Web chatbots.


With the aid of WhatsApp chatbots, you may respond to new messages instantly. Because of clever solutions, knowing how to make a chatbot for WhatsApp bot does not have to be complex or cumbersome in order to be beneficial for the company.

Even previously coding-only abilities like integrating data processing are now accessible to you owing to the options panel and builder!


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