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Steel is widely used to construct commercial buildings in Omaha and worldwide. Can you name some of the structures that can be made of steel in 30 seconds? Hey, no cheating!

If you can name at least ten structures, you are fully aware of metal buildings and their popularity. However, if you could only recall three to five structures, your knowledge about metal building would be fair. This blog will discuss different types of custom metal buildings in Omaha. We will also discuss tips on designing your metal building and more.

10 Commercial Structures That Can Be Built Using Metal


Custom Engineered Metal Buildings are great for warehouses. They can be put up quickly and provide large, open storage spaces. Whether you are an e-commerce business or a big shopping mall owner, metal warehouses are constructed fast and can expand as per your needs.


Metal buildings work well for factories. They can be customized with features like cranes, big doors, and ventilation systems. If you are an owner of a manufacturing unit, metal buildings can be customized to allow huge trucks in for raw material delivery and export.

Retail Shops:

Metal buildings can be made to fit retail spaces. They can have big windows and proper lighting to make them a good choice for shops. Moreover, a metal shop is a pocket-friendly option that has faster turnaround times and high profit.

Office Buildings:

Metal buildings are suitable for offices. They can be designed with multiple floors, offices, and meeting rooms. The advantages of using metal for office building construction include unique design and energy efficiency.

Fire Station Buildings:

Fire stations can be made using metal buildings. They can be customized for fire trucks, equipment, and living spaces for firefighters. Custom Metal building providers in Omaha can construct metal police check posts, firefighter resting houses, and more.

Restaurants and Dine-in Spaces:

Restaurants can be built with metal buildings. A metal coffee house or dinner space can become an attraction place for everyone. This place can have kitchens, dining areas, and even outdoor seating.

Car Repair Shops:

Custom Engineered Metal Buildings are perfect for car repair shops. They can be customized with large doors, lifts, and ventilation systems. For lighting systems, large windows and ventilators can be added. A steel auto repair shop is secure and safe. Your clients' cars will be safe and secure.

Agricultural Storage Buildings:

Barns and stables for agriculture can be made with metal buildings. They are durable and can stand in tough weather. Farmers can also construct storage space for their crops because metal buildings are water and moisture-proof.

Public Libraries:

Libraries can be built using metal structures. They can have reading areas, bookshelves, and spaces for community events. Moreover, a metal library is water- and fire-resistant and keeps books safe.

Medical Facilities for Humans and Animals:

Medical facilities for people and animals can be constructed with metal buildings. They can include exam rooms, waiting areas, and storage for medical equipment. Especially in rural areas and towns, a metal medical facility will be the best construction.

Bonus: Storage Facilities

Metal buildings are perfect for storage. They can have climate control, security systems, and loading docks for easy handling of goods. From residential store rooms to storage space for commercial products, Custom Metal Buildings in Omaha can be turned into anything.

Tips to Build a Custom Metal Building

Creating a custom steel building for your business can be exciting, but it might feel a bit overwhelming. Here are some simple tips to help you design your custom steel building based on advice from a steel building manufacturer:

  • Start by figuring out what your building will be used for and how much space you need. Think about future expansion plans as well. This step sets the foundation for the design.
  • There are different styles of custom-engineered metal buildings, like gable, single slope, and multi-span. Each has its pros and cons. A steel building manufacturer can guide you in choosing the style that best suits your specific needs.
  • Where you want to build matters, check zoning laws, building codes, and environmental factors. A steel building manufacturer can help make sure your building follows all the rules.
  • Know your budget. The manufacturer can work with you to find cost-effective solutions that fit your financial plan.
  • Once you've sorted out the purpose, size, style, location, and budget, it's time to make your building look unique. Add windows, doors, and a custom interior to make your building stand out.


If you are thinking of going for custom-engineered metal buildings, you need the help of an experienced builder. A contractor must be capable of understanding your requirements and providing you with a design that matches your expectations. Lacey Construction Inc. is one of the best metal building contractors in Omaha. They provide all kinds of residential and commercial metal building construction. Therefore, before typing metal building companies near me, search Lacey Construction Inc. now!

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