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How Do You Fix a Leaking Crawl Space?

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Taking care of any water leaks in your crawl space right away is essential since these can potentially seriously harm your house and your health.

You might assume it's natural to have a wet crawl space because it's a below-grade area under the house. The ground does, after all, experience seasonal changes and variations in weather.

But a dry crawl space is better; the sooner problems with moist crawl spaces are resolved, the better. 

In this article, we will talk about crawl space problems: how to fix a leaking crawl space, who you should call in for repair, and the many benefits of waterproofing

What Causes Water to Leak in the Crawl Space?

The three most common ways water enters the crawl space are condensation, seepage from the soil nearby (typically after a lot of rain), or plumbing leaks. On chilly surfaces like ducts, moisture condenses and drops onto the crawl space floor.

Although puddles in the crawl area are annoying, the water won't actively harm your house. Water vapor (or moisture) is the culprit behind rot, mold, energy loss, and insect infestation. Furthermore, these issues only exist in your crawl space.

Up to 50% of the air in the upstairs originates from below, which exposes it to mold spores, musty odors, and damp air that attracts dust mites. 

The Problems Caused by Having Water in Your Crawl Space

Both the presence of standing water and damage like rot and mildew in the crawl area is apparent. Less evident are the effects of a moist or damp crawl area on your health and the rest of your house.

Thus, here are some of the most common problems caused by having a leaky crawl space: 

Higher energy bills 

The cost to heat and cool a house with a dirt crawl area is higher, and this is because wet air requires more energy to heat or cool, which results in more significant energy costs.

Mold problems 

Moisture is a mold lover, and mold also enjoys eating decomposing organic items, including cardboard, paper, and wood. The sad truth is that most crawl spaces include a lot of moisture, wood, and other organic elements that ultimately support mold growth. 

What's worse is that mold produces spores that go upward in the air. Mold in your crawl area is terrible for your health and home's value, and nobody wants to purchase a mold-infested home.

Dust mites and pests 

Dust mites like homes with a dirt crawl space because they flourish in humid environments. The tiny parasites known as dust mites can be found in your carpet, furniture, and bedding.

How to Keep Your Crawl Space Dry

Installing a dehumidifier and sump pump system can prevent water and moisture damage in the crawl area.

Getting the water issue under control should be the first thing you do if your crawl space leaks when it rains, even if it only happens sometimes. This will help you solve your crawl space issue as a whole.

Water ponding and groundwater leaks make your crawl space damp. Mold, dust mites, termites, and other pests are less likely to choose a house with a dry crawl area as their habitat.

Your heating and cooling expenses could be reduced by 15–25% if the dampness in your crawl area is removed. The actual savings will depend on several variables, such as:

  • How big is your house is
  • If the crawl space has ducts, 
  • The local climate and the soil conditions where you live

There is no straightforward answer to How to fix a water leak in crawl space, but keeping your crawl space dry is a huge step in the right direction. 

Thus,  In any event, you should know who to call for water in the crawl space. A professional contractor company that has expertise in cases like this is preferable. Zavza Seal LLC is the top company in the market right now that takes care of all contracting jobs, and you can call them today for a free estimate of their services.


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