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These days, many homeowners are opting for a metal roofing system. It is because of the incredible benefits the option offers. However, one of the most vital factors to keep in mind with your new metal roof project is finding quality roofing companies in Downey. Like any other roofing system, poor workmanship and faulty installations can pose performance and aesthetic issues. 

A professional roofing contractor has the required experience for installing metal roofing. Moreover, these experts can help you pick the best metal roofing system as per your building, budget, preferences, and more. After you find and hire a roofing contractor, you can receive answers to all your questions related to the metal roofing project. 

Metal Roof Installation Methods

Roof installation is performed on either new construction or retrofit projects. If your home is new construction, the right time for roof installation is after completing the building shell. Usually, the general contractor is waiting for roof installation because the structure needs to be watertight for the interior finish work to begin. 


In the case of retrofit projects, two primary options lie ahead of the roofing contractor. The first is recover/overlay, and the second is remove and replace. If there is no need to remove the existing roof, the roofing contractor opts for the recover/overlay option. This installation method eliminates the effort and expense of tearing off and disposing of the old roof. 

Some houses have roofs that require removal before new installation. So, the contractor will suggest that you go in for roof replacement at Los Angeles residence. Many factors make it essential for you to remove and replace the roof. Here are the two most common reasons:

  1. Local building codes

As per jurisdictions, there is a limit on the layers of shingles you can apply. If the number of shingle layers is more than the code requirements, you will need to remove the existing roof. 

  1. Degree of damage

If there are leaks in your existing roof, there are chances of water-damaged wood decking. Such a scenario leaves you with no other option but replacement. Your roofing contractor must inspect the existing roof with the utmost attention to detail to ensure the degree of water damage. 

If the need for demolition, tear-off, and roof repair at Santa Clarita home is less, your new roof project will be completed soon. The installation costs will also be lower. 

Why choose metal roofing?

Metal roofing consists of metal pieces of tiles known for impermeability, high resistance, and longevity. There are different ways of using metal as a roof covering. The main forms are based on sheet-like panels, which can be profiled or flat, and either prefabricated or formed on-site. Moreover, roofing contractors can use metal to create shingles in the shapes of shakes, slates, or tiles. 

Metal roofing is a popular roofing option since it has great insulating properties. It can withstand various weather conditions. It is available in different colors and finishes, making it capable of enhancing your curb appeal. Lastly, it is highly fire-resistant and can withstand a storm without damage. 




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