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HP printer has always helped fulfill the printing needs of its customers. It is great printing hardware and mostly given an error-free environment. But, being on a digital platform, the HP printer might throw some unexpected errors on rare occasions. HP printer error code 0x61011bed is one such error. This error code is not a complex one and can be solved easily by the HP users if they know what this error code means.Describing error 0x61011bed– This error code is displayed as “Printer error 0x61011bed” on your system's screen. It is one of the HP wireless printer problems which occurs when there is an issue with your HP Printer print head. It may also occur during the time of aligning the ink cartridges of your printer.Reasons for error 0x61011bed

  1. If the communication path between your HP printer and cartridges is not working properly, you can face this error regularly.
  2. The changed settings of your HP printer might be a cause for the occurrence of error 0x61011bed.
  3. Corrupt drivers for the communication channel between your system and HP printer might be the reason for error 0x61011bed.

Resolving error 0x61011bedBefore contacting the customer support center to get the issue fixed, you should try the steps given below for fixing the error code 0x61011bed.

  1. Cleaning the printer head

Cleaning the HP printer's printer head is one of the most basic resolutions applied by most HP users.

  • Open the HP printer's body and remove the cartridges carefully.
  • Now, take a cotton cloth to clean your HP printer's print head.
  • While you perform cleaning your print head, make sure that the ink does not leak out of your HP printer.
  • Once the print head is cleaned, allow the printer to dry completely for some time.
  • Test the printer by printing a test page.
  • Re-installing the cartridge

If the error-resolution mentioned above does not work, you can try re-installing your HP printer cartridge.

  • Disconnect the USB cable while the HP printer is still on.
  • Now, remove the cartridges from your HP printer.
  • Unplug the power cord from your HP printer.
  • Wait for some time before plugging it again.
  • Turn on the HP printer's power button.
  • Re-install the cartridge after receiving the “Insert Cartridge” message on your screen. Install the ink cartridge and close the printer lid.
  • A recalibration message will be displayed on the screen.
  • Wait for some time till your HP printer completes the task.
  • Once the HP printer has completed the job, reconnect to the USB cable and print a test page.

These are some of the primary methods for resolving the HP printer error code 0x61011bed.Source: https://chloejerrison.wordpress.com/2020/07/24/how-do-you-resolve-the-hp-printer-error-code-0x61011bed/


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