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Brother printers are one of the best products known for home and office work. They are a very simple printer but capable of delivering the high-quality printing.

Apart from this, they are built with a good hardware quality, so we can say they are very reliable for everyone, either you are a technical person or not. But sometimes, users might deal with the little issues on their brother printer. printing a completely blank page is one of them.

Each time, when a person tries to print something from their brother printer, they get a blank page, while, if they copy something it works fine.

If you are also dealing with such problems on your brother machine, do not worry, here we have a solution to fix such error. just copy these steps to troubleshoot the brother printer printing blank page error.

Restart the printer- first of all, you should restart the machine, possibly, your machine is not obtaining the command properly that’s why you are getting the blank page. So, you should power off the machine for 13 minute and restart it.

Check the ink label on your machine- 

Right after restarting the machine, next thing you need to do is, let’s go to the ink management and check the level of your ink. It is showing low. It’s means you have to upgrade the ink cartridge. Then you will start getting a colour printout.

Reinstall the cartridge- Sometimes, you may have to completely blank pages issue due to the cartridge installation problem. so, let’s make sure that you have installed the cartridge properly,

You may also remove it from your printer, and install the cartridge the cartridge back into the printer again.

Adjust the alignment settings- 

Sometimes, you may get the blank page from printer due to the alignment settings, so you should reset the alignment settings and than retry to load the printer again.

Uninstall the printer driver- Sometimes, your brother printer might not be able to print because of the driver issue. so, you should remove the printer driver from your computer, and install a new driver.

You can easily uninstall the driver from programs and features on the windows computer and if you own a mac pc, you can go to the printer preferences and delete the driver from there.

How to fix Brother printer printing blank pages?


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