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The basic method of recovering gold and silver from ore, any gold and silver present in the ore can be leached in the cyanide solution and will also exist in the solution. Most mines do not have the refining capacity to separate silver from gold, and these mixed metals are sent to smelters to produce 99.99% of gold and silver ingots, which are sold in the commercial gold market.www.yrdcarbon.com

The recovery of gold or silver metal from ore is a multi-step process, in which a solution or slurry containing metal value is usually produced. A typical process involves grinding metal-containing ore, treating the ground ore with an alkaline cyanide solution to leach metal from the ore, and then recovering gold or silver from the cyanide slurry solution. The methods of obtaining gold or silver-containing solutions are basically well understood by mines. But the most important step is to recover and separate gold and silver from the ore processing solution or slurry through activated carbon adsorption.

The effect of activated carbon on the recovery of gold and silver from ore

wanyang activated carbon plays an important role in the recovery of gold or silver. Hanyan's special activated carbon for gold recovery and silver recovery specially developed for precious metals is made by carbonization and activation of imported old coconut shell through a special process. With the characteristics of high-strength adsorption and large capacity, it has a long-term cooperative relationship with many mines. In the process of gold and silver recovery, activated carbon can strongly adsorb the metal complexes in the processed ore slurry, and can adsorb gold to a great extent. The next step is the desorption process. If the desorption is not done well, part of the gold will be lost in the process. If the activated carbon is not strong, it will wear out during the screening and washing process, resulting in a large loss of gold. Therefore, choosing high-quality activated carbon is the key to recovering gold and silver. We can provide you with relevant technical support.


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