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Activated carbon can absorb all kinds of toxic and harmful substances in the room, and can also regulate the indoor environment.granular activated charcoal coconut It can also inhibit the spread of diseases in confined spaces to a certain extent. Activated carbon can also deodorize and dehumidify. It has the functions of gas, preventing the growth of mold, etc.

The main uses of activated carbon:

1. All kinds of toxic and harmful gases floating in the air that are harmful to the human body can be adsorbed and purified.

2. Put it in every corner of the room, you can remove the decoration materials because of the room. The toxic and harmful substances released by various composite furniture, so that we can ensure our health and stay at ease.

3. When we buy a new car, we will find that the car also has a big unpleasant smell. This is because the car also contains a lot of harmful gases to the human body. coal powdered activated carbon How to remove these? Activated carbon can be used for You can solve this problem by putting an activated charcoal bag in the car.

Will there be a variety of flavors after using the refrigerator for a long time? You may think that this is the smell of leftovers, and it doesn’t matter. Wrong, we must also use activated charcoal so that the smell of the refrigerator will be emitted and removed. There is no need to worry about the food inside being contaminated by bacteria.


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