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An increase in digitization implies that big data is here to stay. The importance of data analytics and big data is going to be emphasized in the coming years and it would be a fantastic career move to pursue a career in the field. As per Wikibon, Big data market revenues for software and services have projected to increase to $103 billion in 2027 worldwide. Companies are realizing the importance of Big Data as a source for gaining insights and for making informed decisions. There is a demand for data analytics specialists who can discover hidden patterns and scout for opportunities for boosting businesses. With the massive adoption of big data, you will find analytics being used in numerous domains. Even industries such as retail rely on analytics for customizing their offerings and for boosting customer loyalty. Soaring demand for analytics professionals There are numerous job opportunities in Big Data management and Analytics today than it used to earlier. The job trend graph from various sources such as Indeed and LinkedIn hint that the trend is growing. There has been a steady rise in the number of job opportunities in the domain. Technology professionals with experience in Analytics are in high demand as organizations are looking for ways to exploit the power of Big Data. Huge job opportunities and the attempt to bridge the skill gap Although the demand for analytics skills has shot up, there is also a huge deficit when it comes to the supply. There is a global shortage in filling the job posts due to the shortage in the required skill. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, about 11.5 million jobs will be created in the Big Data domain by 2026. For gaining in-depth knowledge in the domain, you need to have Data analyst certification. Multiple job roles Several professionals working in the Big Data domain serve multiple roles in their job. Some of them act as researchers and they are entrusted with mining company data for extracting further information. They are also involved in business management. Over 40 percent of professionals are juggling multiple roles. Some of them are involved in the development and creative roles. It is crucial to be versatile and take up various roles to become a valuable asset to the team. Add more skills to your resume In order to become attractive in the eyes of the recruiters, those who want to foray into Bid Data and analytics domain should consider adding more skills by taking up additional courses. You can do a data analyst certification course online to boost your job opportunities. Here are the top courses you can consider investing your time in. Hadoop and MapReduce > Real-time processing > Data engineering > Data Science with R > Data Science with Python > Data Visualization – Tableau > Machine Learning You need to continue to take up courses in order to remain updated with the knowledge of the latest technologies. This will provide you with the edge you need to become a valuable member of any team. Keep up with the changes The domain of big data and analytics is not going to remain static. With developments in technology, it is bound to progress. It is vital for those interested to pursue a career in the field to stay updated with relevant information by taking up a data analyst certification course. Opting to work in big data and analytics would be a great career move. Despite analytics being an advanced field, it cannot replace the need for human insights. There is a need for skilled individuals who can understand data and extract information from a business’s point of view. This is the reason why technology professionals with analytics skills are very much in demand as businesses are keen on harnessing the power of big data. You can do a Data analyst certification course online from a reliable platform and become a vital asset to any organization. A certification simply increases your likelihood of getting hired. A study conducted by Microsoft revealed that 91 percent of hiring managers claimed that certification increases the chances of a candidate getting hired in the selection process. You can tap into the lucrative opportunities in the Big Data field by doing data analytics certification from reputed learning platforms.


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