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How Does CO2 Laser Cutter Work?

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Laser cutting is used everyday by the manufacturing industry for cutting metals. CO2 laser cutters changed the game. These lasers are not only useful for the manufacturing industry but also for the medical field and artists. 

The manufacturing industry uses it for cutting and engraving. The medical industry uses it for skincare, whereas the artist uses it for making art. All these industries have different machines but a common laser, i.e., a CO2 laser.

Here we will learn why industries prefer CO2 laser cutters and how it works. 

Advantages of CO2 Laser

Here are some benefits of a CO2 laser cutter.

  1. Lower Power Consumption: These machines have a low maintenance cost. Also, the replacement required is inexpensive.  Fanuc CO2 lasers are popular, and you can easily find the Fanuc replacement parts online.


  2. Contactless Process: The laser beam does not physically touch the material. Instead, it causes the material to melt through the intense heat produced by the beam.


  3. Safe: Laser cutting is safer than other forms of cutting as the whole process is bladeless. The beam is sealed in a tight lightbox, which makes it safer.


  4. Precise Cuts: The cuts produced by the lasers are highly accurate, precise, clean, and smooth. It is unlikely to see this in other cuts.


  5. Applications: Laser cutters have many applications from the manufacturing industry to the medical sector. Artists also use it for engraving purposes.

How does a CO2 Laser Work?

The electricity runs via a gas-filled tube to produce light for CO2 laser cutters. The light produced by the CO2 laser is powerful compared to the usual light.

This light passes through the tube that has mirrors at both ends. One of the mirrors in the tube is highly reflective, while the other mirror allows some light to pass through it. These mirrors usually reflect most of the light when traveling through the tube. Thus, it causes the light wave to build intensity. So when the light becomes bright enough it then passes through the partially reflective mirror.

These mirrors emit the light or laser beam to the material that is to be cut. When the intense heat travels to the material, the light vaporizes the material that is to be cut. Hence, it leaves an accurate and smooth cut.

The gas produced during formation of laser and cutting process is a combination of carbon dioxide, hydrogen, nitrogen, and helium. 

Also, the light produced from the laser is infrared and thus, it is visible to the human eye. The wavelength of these beams is long so it can cut cloth, wood, glass, metal, and paper. 

While forming the cut, the laser somewhat damages the machine as well. And that is why some parts like the focus lens, battery, mirrors, etc need replacement. You can find Fanuc replacement parts online. 

Verify the Settings

There are three important settings that need attention when it comes to laser cutting.

  1. Focus: There is a focus lens inside the laser head that is responsible for clean and smooth cuts. The lens needs to be changed at regular intervals. You can buy Fanuc parts online. They are easy to find and are of premium quality.


  2. Speed: The speed determines how fast the laser head will move. Ensure to maximize the speed while engraving or cutting the thinner material.


  3. Power: High power is used for thicker materials, and low power is suitable for engraving or thin materials. Adjust it according to the material. 


Now that you know how the CO2 laser beam works, consider some important points discussed above. The speed, focus, and power of the laser depend on the material. These factors will further decide how smooth and clean the cut will turn out. Also, make sure to replace the parts that need replacement. Choose brand products such as Fanuc.  Search “Fanuc parts online”, and you can easily find it from authorized dealers.

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