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There is just no substitute for water with the Filipinos.  15 Minute Weight Loss Review They will drink as much soda as they might like, but at the end of the day, the volume of their water consumption is eventually bigger than that of their soda consumption. Since water is an effective medium that burns calories in the body, about 20 calories per 5-8 glasses a day, the extra calories that should have transformed into extra pounds are just washed off.

There is really not much of a secret to the shapely and trimmed down figure of the people from the Philippines, the reasons that you have read are the same ones that your doctor and even your mother keeps repeating on to you like a chant. Maybe it's time to listen to them and incorporate them into your system and routine.

Ok, holiday parties are not typically the time to plan on losing weight, but with some planning and the Refuse to Diet attitude, it is possible to enjoy the festivities AND lose weight… or at least avoid packing on extra pounds.

It is tempting to save calories and skip meals when we know we are going to a party…after all, there will be food there so why eat before hand, right. Well, you will actually eat fewer things at the party if you eat a mini-meal before you head out the door. You never know what will be served and when it will be available. By having a snack before arriving if food at the event appears fashionably late then you aren't starving when it gets there.



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