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How does married life affect career as per astrology?

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It is rather amusing to know that your loving relations with your spouse may make you excel in your career! Yes, it’s true. Your married life definitely affects your career, as per Astrology. Most of us have grown up listening that the lady of the house is Lakshmi (wealth) and must be duly cared for and respected. Similarly, a husband has been given a status next to God for a female lady as per orthodox thoughts. But somewhere, it has relevance. If there is respect for someone in your heart, then you try not to offend that person. This clearly means no arguments and no fights.

Interconnection between marriage and career

The seventh house is the house for marriage or spouse in an individual’s chart. This is also the house of one’s daily business income, i.e., it shows what you earn daily. Now, the house of career is the 10th house. If we count from the 10th to the 10th house, we reach the seventh house. As per bhavat bhavam principle of Astrology, the 7th house is 10th from the 10th house of career. In simple words, the prosperity of the 10th house will be judged from the 10th house from it i.e., the 7th house. The career automatically gets into a sound position if the 7th house is in a sound position.

Thus, to keep your house of career in good shape, the house of marriage has to be taken care!

Many people get lucky after marriage

Has someone in your relation or acquaintance got richer and luckier after marriage? Probably yes! There are many instances when people become more successful after marriage. You must have heard people calling their life partner as their lucky charm. In Astrology, the seventh house is 11th from the 9th house which is a house of fortunes or bhagya sthaan. One a person gets married- it is a gain of fortune since it falls at the 11th place which depicts gains and fulfillment of desires.

The career growth after marriage as per astrology largely depends how strong and auspicious your seventh house is. If the 7th house is under the influence of benefic planets and the 7th lord is also well placed there are strong chances of that person leading a successful career and a blissful married life?

But not everyone has benefic influence on the Seventh House and there are people with troubled marriage as well. In fact, they are more in numbers.

Now, if we look at the scenario of break ups in love and marriage, we find these are constantly on rise these days. Why is it happening? Does everyone have malefic influence at the seventh house? Let’s understand


The major reasons for a problematic marriage 

  • The person himself has a questionable personality

There may be an excess of anger, over-expectations, eccentric behavior, and too much interference or dominating nature, etc., if we look at them on the whole, the person himself has personality issues. In that case, this is his/the inherent nature with which he/she has been born. The planets and signs in the ascendant make the person who he/she is. Now, when there is a problem with the attitude, it necessarily means the ascendant is under the influence of malefic planets. This sometimes gives unethical and immoral behavior too. The malefic planet sitting in the Lagna, will directly aspect the seventh house. This explains the problem in marriage life due to an individual’s own personality and inherent traits.

  • Over possessiveness about your job

In career predictions, the 6th house is a house of services or a job. A person, whether in business or job, when will devote too much time to serving at the workplace will somewhere activate the sixth house. The sixth house is the twelfth house from the seventh house, which explains the loss of the 7th house. This is now generally understood that if you spend most of your time in service while neglecting your married or family life, problems tend to arise. There has to be a balance in work and family life to have both of them in good health.

  • Interference of the in-laws

The in-laws are represented by the eighth house in the birth chart. The 8th house is also the house of obstacles and suffering. It is interesting to know whoever has the association of the 8th house or lord with the 4th, 10th, 1st, or 7th house will have to face interference from the in-laws. Now, this interference can either be good or bad which can be determined through the birth chart. In marriage predictions, the astrologers also study the eighth house to know about the prosperity in marriage.

The influence of the 8th house at the 10th speaks of interference in family life and career both because the house of domestic happiness is the fourth house which is just opposite to the 10th house. They are interlinked. Any problem in the family life will definitely affect the career of the native.

In a nutshell, it is extremely important to keep your marriage healthy if one wishes to prosper in your career. One may take help from the best astrologer to solve the problems in marriage so that one may have a successful career.

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