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Your mobile home is your most prized possession, and that is the reason why Mobile Home Insurance should be a priority for you. Since disasters cannot be predicted, financial security for your mobile home is crucial these days. Add to that, the changes that you may get done on your mobile home over the years like a new roof— all of this would need to be insured to rebuild what you can lose in times of adversity.

Disasters such as fires, explosions, thefts, vandalism, or floods are circumstances where your finances can take a huge hit. So, if you are looking for financial protection for your mobile home, mobile home insurance Louisiana based services is the best option you have.

Therefore, we are here to educate you on how mobile home insurance keeps you protected from unforeseen adversities.

Covers all your essentials

Mobile home insurance Louisiana provides coverage for your physical mobile home as well as your personal belongings. It will cover your broken roof, the destroyed metal walls, your expensive furniture, your laptop, your utensils, your cell phone, etc. However, it doesn’t cover in-transit damage incurred to your mobile home. So if damages occur during the transfer, the money will go from your pocket. 

Provides liability coverage

Suppose your mobile home gets engulfed in fire and injures another person, your mobile home insurance will cover their medical expenses. Further, if that person decides to sue you for that, it would also cover the required legal fees.

Pretty good right? At this point, you should be convinced that you need mobile home insurance because disasters to your home can hurt you as well as someone else.

So, mobile home insurance is vital for financial protection against such problems.

Mobile Home Insurances are flexible

Mobile Home Insurance companies like mobile home insurance Louisiana are known for being flexible. This means that it provides for partial damage to your property too. If only the doors get damaged, or only the kitchen gets burnt, you can still claim for coverage.

Further, you can also keep adding separate endorsements to your mobile home insurance policy such as your garage, small washroom attached to your garage, etc.

Also, if you live in a flood or earthquake-prone area, you can easily buy separate insurance for them and get them added to your mobile home insurance. This way, you save a lot of money on insurance investments.

Provides coverage for additional accommodation

When your home gets damaged or is under renovation, you might have to stay in a hotel or at bed and breakfast for a few days if none of your relatives lives around the town. You may also order meals from outside and pay additional expenses for your livelihood. At such times, your mobile home insurance keeps you sheltered by covering these expenses too. Hence, do note and look for this advantage while buying a mobile home insurance policy. 

Customized mobile home insurance plans 

many people use their mobile homes for twice a year vacations or rental businesses. For such uses, mobile home insurance companies have different programs like the rental program or the seasonal programs to suit your needs.

Thus, investing in mobile home insurance policies gets easier as they can easily be personalized according to your wants and needs. So go on and get one for yourself now.

Issues for three different coverage levels

Mobile Home insurance provides for coverage of three different levels. The price increases as one go one level up.

Therefore, it is essential that instead of choosing the cheaper one, you choose the one which suits your lifestyle and covers all the necessary and expensive parts of your mobile home.

Now that you are aware of how mobile home insurance protects your mobile home, no one’s better than Kelly Lee Insurance to look after all your mobile home insurance investments. With their flexible plans and efficiency, you will get excellent deals out of their service. 

So contact them now!


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