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How Does Strategic Management and Planning Benefit a Business?

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Changes inevitably and regularly occur in a business environment. This dynamism should drive your organization to constantly assess its strategies and ensure ongoing success. Strategic management and planning are essential as they allow your business to understand and take control of any situation. It can also empower your business to deploy the right strategies and analyze their efficacy and how they affect management.

Strategic management pertains to ongoing planning, analysis, monitoring, and assessment of everything an organization needs to meet its objectives and goals. The strategies involved will depend on your business environment, and therefore, can differ in implementation. Unlike one-off strategic plans, strategic management involves continuous planning, monitoring, and analysis of the organization’s activities for greater profitability, market share, and operational efficiency.

How it benefits the business

Strategic management and planning can provide a range of benefits,both non-financial to financial. For instance, it can help the business and its stakeholders or leaders to consider and plan accordingly for the future. Proper management and planning may also set a better direction for employees and the organization as a whole.

With strategic management, your business can identify, prioritize, and explore opportunities, such as new markets and products. It also empowers organizations to remain objective when analyzing activities to verify whether they’re profitable or not.

Financial benefits

Many studies have shown that businesses that engage in strategic management and planning tend to be more successful and profitable versus others that do not. When your business uses careful evaluation of priorities and forward-looking planning, it can improve control over its future and can have a more strategic direction and focus.

Non-financial benefits

Organizations that practice strategic management and planning are more aware of their competitors and any external threats. They understand the strengths and weaknesses of their competition.They find ways to boost employee productivity,owing to a clear understanding of the connection between rewards and performance. Strategic planning and management also make them less resistant to change while improving their problem-prevention and problem-solving capabilities.

Overcoming challenges

Not every business may succeed in strategic management planning on its own. Yours may need to rely on experts for better insights and advice. If that’s the case, you can engage corporate service providers with a track record in global governance, financial management, and related advisory solutions for international businesses.


About the author:

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Garry is a corporate financial management and corporate governance professional. He has extensive experience across extractive industries, manufacturing and international trade, in the listed, private and non-profit sectors. Garry is a member of CPA Australia and the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants; a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries, and a graduate of the University of Western Australia’s Executive MBA program.



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