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A professional air conditioning cleaning company in Brisbane will clean and sanitise your whole air conditioning system so it’s just like new with air quality the same as the wind coming fresh off the sea.

Why is it important to regularly clean your air conditioning system?

Your air conditioning system controls the quality as well as the temperature of the air in your home, if your filters and ducts in and around your air conditioner are dirty, unsanitary or contain contaminants such as fungi, mould or mould spores then all of the air inside your home will contain them also.

This poses a real health concern for the members of your family and any guests in your home as they are being exposed to a range of pathogens. This can include viruses and bacteria as well as mould spores with the potential of making people sick or causing long term illnesses, so your air conditioner needs to be cleaned as soon as possible.

  • Efficient and Effective

Just because your air conditioner is managing to keep your home at a reasonably cool temperature does not mean that it should be left alone. The old theory if your air con is working then there is no need to touch it is very wrong, in fact, it could be costing you a lot of money in unnecessary high energy bills as well as dramatically shorting the working life of your unit.

An air conditioner that is choked up with dust mould and pathogens can consume 25% more than of the power used by a clean unit. So, air conditioning cleaning in Brisbane can save you real money especially with the huge cost of electricity now.

  • Longer service life

When an air conditioner is clean it runs more efficiently, but when dirty or dusty there is more pressure on it reducing its ability to cool its components, so it runs hotter than it was designed to run. This puts a lot of extra stress on the components and causes them to wear out much more quickly than if the unit is kept clean. A clean air conditioner retains its natural cooling abilities from clear and unrestricted airflows.

The evaporator coil is designed to absorb heat from the air, if this area is not clean its heat absorbing ability is reduced making the unit less efficient in cooling your home

  • Reduced maintenance issues

Allowing an air conditioner to operate when dirty will lead to expensive repair bills as well as making it’s cleaning more difficult and more expensive.

Having a regular air conditioning cleaning schedule in Brisbane is equal to preventative maintenance. Not only will it reduce the operating costs, the technician cleaning your unit will be able to recognise issues before they develop into expensive problems and rectify them for you. This alone will compensate for the professional cleaning charge as it results in a longer and more efficient operating life

Good health requires clean air to breathe making air conditioning cleaning in Brisbane a top priority for every home to maintain air quality, reduce energy & repair bills and increase its working life.


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