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Infertility is when a woman is unable to conceive after a year of unprotected sexual intercourse between the couple. The issue of infertility is a global issue and, in some cultures, it is a taboo topic. For this reason, people refrain from seeking appropriate fertility treatment. But, with widespread awareness, education and the advancement in fertility treatment more and more people are now seeking the treatment. 

The fertility treatment is the beginning of the parenthood journey. In this journey, a lot of things have been associated that influence both the carrying and non-carrying partner. It can range from simple physical issues to more problematic mental ones. Now both partners must look after their mental health. Poor mental health can harm fertility as it reduces the chances of conceiving. Let's take a closer look at the feeling you might experience during this phase and also some helpful ways to cope with it.  

Emotions while undergoing fertility treatment 

Infertility surely has a great impact on its patients as it comes with emotional aspects. Even while seeking fertility treatments the result is unknown which further complicates the situation. So, it is obvious that you will experience a mixture of various emotions. Feeling sad, annoyed, worried, anxious, stressed and depressed is all common. Here are some emotions that you might experience during your fertility journey.  


Depression is more than the occasional feeling of sadness and anxiety. Fertility is a journey that is tough and is equally emotional just as it is physical. The women undergoing IVF treatment or other such treatment can get caught up in between those feelings which may persist for longer than usual. A person suffering from depression has constant low moods along with other dreary symptoms.  


Anxiety is characterised by a sense of impending doom. It might make it tough to control your worries. You may worry more than appears justified, or you may assume the worst even when there is no obvious cause for fear. The fertility treatment of IVF is minimally invasive, despite that it is common to experience anxiety. Some women get a fearful feeling while undergoing such treatments. People undergoing fertility treatment often display the signs and symptoms of anxiety and depression. The failure of fertility treatment often leads to severe anxiety among the couple.  


Medical procedures that are included in fertility treatment can make you feel weak and helpless. During the fertility treatment expect to visit the fertility hospital at least half a dozen times as the fertility doctor will schedule frequent appointments. This procedure of fertility treatment can trigger irritation and anger too.  


Not every person you know is affected by infertility. You will notice some of them conceiving and beginning their family with joy. At that moment you might be stuck in the unfortunate situation of infertility while seeking treatment to overcome it. Many women find themselves envying others as their inner frustration leads to jealousy.  


Fertility treatment commonly provides the couple with the hope of overcoming infertility as they imagine a happy family. However, the bitter reality is that these treatments can result in loss as well. For example, in the IVF treatment, one can experience a loss at any part of the procedure such as donor egg, sperm, or even embryo transfer. Miscarriage certainly is not good news and not many people are aware of the loss except the patients and their loved ones. So, the failure of fertility treatment can also cause immense grief.  


The partner undergoing fertility treatment carries emotional baggage, hopes as well as others' expectations. So, it is obvious that the non-carrying partner and others won't be able to relate to what they are going through. It can also result in misunderstanding and miscommunication among both partners. This can prompt you to feel detached from others and be in isolation.  

Another misconception is that such emotional aspects don't affect non-carrying partners. Let's take a closer look at how infertility has a mental effect on both partners.  

Ways to maintain mental health while seeking fertility treatment  

Some experts do not have a strong stance on the relationship between fertility and mental health. However, most of them agree that fertility treatment can affect mental health among patients. Here are some ways to cope with fertility issues and the treatment associated with them.  

Cognitive behavioural therapy 

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is a type of psychotherapy that highlights the significance of thought. CBT teaches you that your ideas have an impact on how you feel and what you do. The therapist will educate you on how to resist automatic thought patterns that push you into the negative aspect of life and traps you in guilt. Learning to challenge these thoughts teaches you how to investigate them and replace them with thoughts that can nourish you. 


Yoga is in practice for thousands of years to treat people. It blends physical postures with breathing exercises to produce a meditative and soothing effect. Moreover, Yoga also has healthy effects on your body even when you're trying to conceive or are going through fertility treatments such as in vitro fertilization (IVF).  

Talk therapy 

A person experiencing the mental effects of infertility should go for talk therapy. This will help them express their feelings be it grief, anger or frustration. The expert listening to you on the other side will act as a support by helping you to overcome the mental challenge of experiencing infertility. Usually, the expert will advise you to take up habits that you enjoy the most. Because such habits will keep your mind off the actual issue and can act as a stress buster. People often find expressive writing soothing while facing mental challenges.  

Quality of life 

While dealing with infertility you can adopt a more healthy approach towards your daily life. Adopting healthy habits and avoiding negative ones can truly transform your life into something good. The daily positivity and optimistic spirit will help me cope with the infertility stress and anxiety. Habits of consuming alcohol, smoking cigarettes and drugs can either be reduced to the recommended level or let alone quit it. Replacing those habits with positive ones such as exercising,  

Fertility therapy 

Many IVF hospitals or fertility centres in India offer fertility therapy to couples in need. Fertility therapy aims to address the issue of infertility and all the queries associated with it. The fertility expert educates the patient regarding fertility treatments and their need for them along with the risks and benefits linked to them. Moreover, this is the perfect option to deal with the emotional burden of infertility as you will be guided by the expert.  

Final Word 

You are not alone in this unfortunate journey and should not suffer all alone. It is normal to be on a rollercoaster of emotions because you will encounter a variety of them. However, there is more than one way to overcome these emotions and achieve mental well-being. Banker IVF centre in Ahmedabad is run by the IVF specialist Dr Manish Banker always helps couples through this tough journey.  

It is not okay to suffer from infertility as one must seek expert health and evaluate the treatment options available. This holds for both men and women. Depression, anxiety other such sentiments while facing infertility makes the situation even worse. Banker IVF centre in Ahmedabad always helps patients to be in the best mental state while seeking fertility treatment. 

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