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90% of businesses have already stepped their first foot into digital transformation. Taking the advantage of cloud-based platforms is a no-brainer today, thus most businesses have at least some type of digital infrastructure built into their processes. Digital transformation can bring together data collection, resource management, customer insights, and team collaboration to improve customer experience, enhance productivity, and increase the bottom line of the company. Everything from systems and processes to workflow and culture becomes part of digitization. While there are numerous benefits to digital transformation, the challenge arises in the issue of the lack of skilled resources within the organization.

These days it’s common for large companies to have specialized staff handling data storage, security, and management. However, the complexity in managing and securing sensitive data can be a major challenge for most companies that don’t have the right resources. That's why leveraging sophisticated tools such as FinancialForce is apt for mitigating risks associated with data storage and protection. FinancialForce provides the No.1 cloud PSA/ERP solution and is native to the Salesforce platform.

What are the features of FinancialForce?

Read further to explore how the features of FinancialForce can help businesses in a successful digital transformation.

Secure data storage

FinancialForce prioritizes confidentiality, integrity, and availability of client data. FinancialForce complies with privacy and data protection laws in each operating country to ensure customer success and data protection.

Globalize your data flow

The cost of silly errors can be high. With the increasing data complexity, the risk of errors is even higher if relying upon old processes like spreadsheets. Managing a single source of data on the cloud makes it easier for employees to access accurate information from anywhere in the world.

Simplify workflows/ task management

When teams have clarity towards the whole picture, they do their jobs better. By being able to see the next step they can plan and take steps to meet the overall objective. FinancialForce PSA helps streamline workflows by accumulating information in one platform that simplifies tasks management.

One platform for business insights

FinancialForce has built-in Einstein intelligence to make accurate predictions and give meaningful insights to your business. All of this is available to you on a single platform, and you can access accurate predictions, monitor processes, and enhance your team efficiency.

Shorten sales cycle

Common access to real-time data for the sales teams’ boosts their efficiency and helps shorten the sales cycle. Improve the productivity of your sales team with FinancialForce, so that they can build mutual plans to align customer journeys with the sales pipeline.

Eliminate error and deploy faster

Improved collaboration within the team helps eliminate errors, increases project efficiency and enables faster deployments.

Need consultant advice for more concerns related to your FinancialForce?

FinancialForce is a niche tool to help enterprises streamline their professional services and financial management. However, you might need expert assistance to fully utilize this sophisticated platform. If so, you can schedule a meeting with our FinancialForce Consultant to discuss your business in detail and how they can help.

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