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How Good Is Ipe Siding In Dallas, TX

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Are you looking for siding materials and come to Ipe? Do you want to know why most people use ipe wood lumber in siding? Then we got what you are searching for. We have a comprehensive guide on ipe siding Dallas TX.

We can understand your confusion, why people keep using Ipe for siding. Ipe is more costly than regular wood, but its use can be seen everywhere. You want to know whether choosing Ipe is good for me, or will it just break my budget? Don't worry; after reading our guide, you will learn how great is ipe wood lumber Dallas TX. Keep reading till the end.

Why Ipe Is The Best Option?

Ipe (read as ee-pay) is commonly known as Brazillian Walnut. It is the most rigid and most reliable material instead of wood. Ipe gives premium finishes to flooring, decking, and siding. It is also best for durable furniture quality.

The reason for ipe siding’s popularity is that it's versatile. This material is maintenance-free. You don't have to worry about the weather's effects and fading of wood. Apart from other woods sidings, Ipe is too hard to crack (more on that later). These sidings face direct scorching sunlight and still stand proudly outside your house.

Many other sidings are made from woods with chemical treatment, hence become artificial and a bit weak. But Ipe is 100% natural and organic. Its lumber is more substantial than an oak tree.

There's a catch; Ipe costs around $3.50 to $5.00 per sq. feet. It is too costly than wood, then why is it still the most preferred choice? The answer lies in its strength and versatility. The one-time expense will last almost 50 years without care (or even more). Other wood lumber might end in 15-20 years, but Ipe wood lumber Dallas TX will serve your life.

Other Benefits

We are talking about how Ipe is fantastic; let's discuss some more of its benefits. What if I tell you Ipe is termite-free? That's correct. Termites can't eat Ipe and will stay away from it.

As I mentioned earlier, Ipe does not require any maintenance, so you don't need to oil any layer for protection. It won't crack and split. On installment for once, it will last for decades without causing trouble.

Did I tell you Ipe is most durable? This wood has a crushing strength of 93 MPa (Megapascals), and you will be surprised to know that the crushing strength of concrete is 70 MPa. This wood is stronger than concrete; that is why pre-drilling is required while installing ipe wood lumber. Otherwise, the workers might be left struggling to nail it for the whole day.


Now you know that Ipe is the best option for siding in terms of durability and premium finish. However, it is a bit costly, but it is better than to change sidings every 8-10 years. This wood gives a great value to money ratio. So if you want it, contact us at any time. Lee Roy Jordan Lumber Company is best for ipe siding Dallas TX.


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