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The ecosystem of Java has evolved through years of development which has established it as one of the most reliable platforms today. However, it still lacks the way to get the job done quickly, particularly for things such as web applications. In order to avoid such issues, often developers go for implementation languages and their modern web frameworks like Python with Django, Ruby with Ruby on Rails, etc. These offer a much more streamlined path to create a web application, rather than Java. Fortunately enough, there is a better way for Java developers who wish to build web applications and that is to hire Groovy Grails developers. 

In the world of tech startups, Groovy on Grails has been a silent contributor. Used by some of the big enterprises across the globe, the Grails is packed with benefits and elements which make it the pioneer of the tech startup revolution.

Who All Are Using Grails? 

In contrast to other frameworks, Grails has always been a consistent contributor to both the startups as well as enterprises of tech-startups. Below are some of the big clients of Grails:

  • Google

  • Oracle

  • Cisco

  • Netflix

  • IBM

What Makes Java Developers Choose Groovy on Grails

  • Power of Java 

Groovy on Grails framework gets absolutely well with Java. It transparently and smoothly interoperates and integrates with Java, the JVM, and existing Java EE containers providing many advantages to Java developers. Grails also has outstanding support for Java libraries and supports more than 700 plugins, thus giving immense leverage to the developers.

  • Enhanced Developer Productivity

The Grails framework incorporates convention over configuration and eliminates much of the configuration effort usually required in creating robust web applications.

  • Faster Time to Market 

The precision and efficiency of Grails code lead to faster development with less code and fewer bugs.

  • Reusability 

The plugin system of Grails allows code reuse across projects. This enables development teams to spend less time solving the usual web issues and more time implementing real business requirements.

  • Agility

A trademark of the Grails framework is iterative development as teams can sculpt out functionality in short sprints, with checkpoints as well as testing along the way.

  • Cost Savings 

As Grails is an Open Source framework, it can be widely adopted and used with contracts, no vendor lock-in, run-time licensing fees, or license management.

  • Low Maintenance 

Foundational design assumptions remove the requirement for boilerplate code and account for an easy-to-navigate framework, thus reducing project and maintenance complexity costs.

  • Flat Learning Curve 

Groovy language, sensible defaults, convention over configuration, and opinionated APIs combine to make the Grails framework easy to learn for Java developers.

  • Built-In Testing Framework  

The built-in testing framework of the Grails framework helps to maintain code quality throughout the development process and also reduces defects in the final product.

  • Pragmatic Strategy 

The Grails framework applies the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principle, thus eliminating repetition and hidden bugs, and enabling easier and faster enhancements.


So, these were some of the many features of the Grails framework which makes it the best choice for Java developers. If you think Grails to be the best fit for your business requirements and wish to hire Groovy Grails developers, then send us your requirements over email sales@ongraph.com

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