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The world is filled with opportunities and talents, and as a part of business growth expanding the business across borders is also an available business opportunity. Expanding the business across the border is not a simple task in general but with the Employment of Record or EOR, this international business expansion becomes easy.

In order to take your business as an international business hiring the right employee is the most crucial part. Taking your whole recruitment team overseas is not so a cost-effective idea and in addition, they may not be aware of the terms and rules for that particular country's terms of employment. There comes EOR for rescue. 

What is EOR?

An Employer of Record is a legal employer, who can you help you to hire employees in a certain country. Since the Employer of Record takes care of all recruitments it takes care of all aspects of employment, such as employment, payroll, taxes, Background checks, employment contracts, Termination, etc.

Role of an Employer of Record

An Employer of Record is the legal employer for your international employees. This is the service that will manage all the work compliance aspects of your overseas employees such as; Processing international employee's payroll, taking care of employee taxes, managing their insurance, proving employers the local employment regulations and practices, creating the employment agreement, taking care of employer payroll taxes, etc.

By using the Employer of Record service your overseas business hiring will be easy, fast, and also cost-effective as they take care of all your international employees' responsibilities.

Employer of Record service in China

Though the work of the Employer of Record provides similar services, it may have some changes and differences in various countries as per that country's rules and legal regulations. Let us find the detail of EOR service in China in detail.

An Employer of Record (EOR) in China will help you to expand your business to enter the country in a faster and easier way.  It will handle all the hurdles and help you to hire and also manage employees in China without registering as a Chinese company.

It also provides complete employment services, staffing, payroll, and outsourcing Chinese HR functions, etc. Hence you can expand and run your business successfully in China with your employees from China.

Following are the services that you will receive from an Employer of Record in China:

  • EOR in China will help you to recruit employees in China.
  • It will help in the complete employee Payroll.
  • EOR in China will take care of taxation for both employee and employer payroll taxes.
  • It will help in all kinds of employee Compensation when needed.
  • Will introduce a newly hired employee into an organization and helps in the onboarding.
  • The background checks for recruiting employees will be done by the EOR in China.
  • EOR in China monitors and tracks employee working hours and timesheets.
  • Along with the recruitment the employees' termination will also be done by EOR service in China.

 Benefits of Employer of Record in China

The EOR service majorly helps in hiring overseas employees, now let’s discuss the foremost benefits of hiring EOR in China –

Smooth and Rapid Business Entry

An Employer of Record (EOR) In China helps your business to expand in China in a rapid and cost-efficient way.

By hiring the Employer of Record provider, a foreign company can hire Chinese employees or China residents to work for them, hence the hiring will be smooth and hassle-free. With an Employer of Record provider in China, you can run your business there without registering it as a company in China (or Chinses company). The EOR in China will be the formal employer for all employees and will take care of the employee's recruitment, and payroll to till termination. So, the client can take care of their everyday business operations without any burden on their employee's responsibilities.

Following the Compliance and Laws of China

In every country Laws, rules and regulations will vary according to their terms.

In China, there were certain rules and regulations that should be followed in order to hire either Chinese or other nations (or country) residents in China as their employees. The regulation is predominantly applicable to employees' payroll and taxation.

An employer of record will handle all the complicated laws, rules, and regulations under their responsibilities.  Employer of record in China will take care of payroll tax, sales tax to Individual employees’ income tax under their responsibility and will make sure that your company is following all the policies, rules, and laws of China. In simple terms, it will make your company legal and legit in China.


An Employer of Record in China is a more easy and flexible service. It can help overseas companies to hire employees or complete teams for their business in China. When you hire through the Employer of Record in China it will help your business to get a legal entity in China.

Even for the existing overseas company in China EOR service providers can work as an HR department and will take care of their payroll, employee maintenance, etc.

EOR service provider in China is a one-stop solution provider for your international organization to expand and hire and manage employees in China. It is a very easy, fast, legal, and cost-effective service for your overseas business in China.


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