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Let’s just face a simple truth. Filtered water makes the best quality ice. There are a few reasons for this. Let’s just face a simple truth. Filtered water makes the best quality ice. There are a few reasons for this. 

Among the most tangible is that ice made from filtered water simply looks, smells, and tastes better. Unfiltered water can produce cloudy ice with off-putting tastes and odors that will melt in drinks and taint the quality of your beverages.

But even ice that appears clear and has not been filtered can be harboring lurking issues – such as microbial cysts that otherwise would have been filtered out. As some commercial ice producers are so apt to insist, “ice is food,” and it should be handled and prepared accordingly. 

But there are pragmatic reasons to install ice machine filters and cartridges too. As it turns out, filtering your water prior to making ice can preserve the life of your ice machine in addition to improve the quality of the ice you provide to your customers. 

Ice Machine Filters and Cartridges and Preventing Scale Accumulation
You’ve probably heard of limescale or simply scale. You may even know what sort of lurking menace it is to plumbing fixtures and appliances that utilize water for cleaning or production. 

But did you know you could prevent these issues almost entirely with the implementation of a suitable water filter system? 

Scale, or limescale, refers to deposits of minerals that precipitate out of water. Chiefly, these minerals are dissolved calcium and magnesium. Water that contains a high concentration of these minerals is said to be hard. 

When hard water runs through plumbing lines or appliances, it leaves behind deposits that accumulate over time. These deposits can constrict the flow of water through pipes and fittings, increasing the pressure and damaging them over time. 

At the superficial level, removing dissolved minerals from hard water before you make ice is in your best interest because scale deposits can actually form on the ice itself, adversely affecting the flavor and color of ice. 

However, at the functional level, it is still in your best interest to use ice machine filters and cartridges to deal with these issues at the source. 

Limescale deposits can accumulate inside an ice machine can slow down ice production and in extreme cases prevent the normal operation of the machine. This can result in costly and time-consuming downtime during which you will need to administer maintenance to your ice machine before you can continue to use it. 

Utilizing ice machine filters and cartridges can not only help prevent these unexpected episodes of downtime but can also relax the frequency with which you need to descale your machine since an ice machine filtration system will help remove those mineral deposits at the source for you. Descaling will continue to be an aspect of routine maintenance, but after you implement a suitable filtration system, you shouldn’t need to descale the machine as frequently. 

What Can Ice Machine Filters and Cartridges Remove?
In addition to removing the dissolved minerals that constitute scale and result in scale-related damage, various ice machine filters and cartridges can also remove: 

● Chlorine and other contaminants that produce off colors and odors. 
● Fine particles (in some instances, down to as fine as .5 microns.)
● Certain microbial cysts, such as those of Cryptosporidium and Giardia (this varies by model, always consult the specifications to be certain).

In addition, some ice filter cartridges contain filtration media that inhibits the growth of bacteria within the filter cartridge, rendering the system safer and more efficient. 

Where Can You Get High-Quality Ice Machine Filters and Cartridges?
Looking for high-quality ice machine filters and cartridges with a wide range of specifications to meet your unique needs? Visit efilters.net online at the previous address or take a look through their catalog – and if you have any additional questions about how ice machine filters can improve the quality of your ice and protect your machine, contact them at info@efilters.net. 

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