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Causes of Inguinal Hernia

An Inguinal Hernia is common and usually has no apparent cause. But there are some particular factors that are believed to be contributing towards Inguinal Hernia which can be fixed by Inguinal Hernia surgery:

  • Males are more prone to having an Inguinal Hernia than females.
  • Older people are also more at risk of having an Inguinal Hernia, as in old age, muscles weaken and need of Inguinal Hernia Surgery is there
  • Being white also contributes to having an Inguinal Hernia and Inguinal Hernia Surgery is needed.
  • Chronic cough can also cause an Inguinal Hernia, such as from smoking.
  • Chronic constipation can also lead to having an Inguinal Hernia as it causes straining during your bowel moments and Inguinal Hernia surgery can fix that.
  • Being pregnant can also lead you to have an Inguinal Hernia as pregnancy can weaken the abdomen muscles and will increase the pressure inside the abdomen.
  • If your previous Inguinal Hernia has happened back in your childhood, even then you are still at risk of developing an Inguinal Hernia again.

Prevention from Inguinal Hernia

Inguinal Hernia can be prevented in the following ways:

  • It is important to maintain a healthy weight, talk to a nutritionist or your physician, and get a customized diet plan for you.
  • Try to incorporate high fiber-containing food in your diet to avoid chronic constipation that can cause an Inguinal Hernia and you have to opt for Inguinal Hernia Surgery in the end.
  • Be careful when lifting heavy objects. While you are lifting something, always bend your knees, never your waist.

Smoking, along with triggering many other health issues, also aggravates chronic cough that can lead to an Inguinal Hernia and that Inguinal Hernia Surgery is required to correct that. 

For the Surgery, Visit: Inguinal Hernia Surgery

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