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Every person is different and so are their issues. There is nothing weird about it and should be addressed timely and from the right person. Consulting a good intimacy coach will certainly help you to feel better and most importantly comfortable. It is seen several men feel conscious and a bit different, especially when they are up close to the other person.

A good intimacy session with an experienced coach will educate you with the different kinds of intimacy connections. Now, the tutor of highly experienced skill set will give you a better understanding of the personal connection and the comfort level also.

Let’s understand the value of connecting with intimacy coaching for men or women:-

Please do not hold any kind of doubt in your mind about consulting an experienced or skilled professional. The intimacy coaching for men and women will help you in the following ways.

  • When you are keen to enjoy the closeness and not get self-conscious during personal interactions.
  • Keen to enjoying emotional or erotic intimacy.

In both, the above cases, the intervention of the person like Lina Jurga will be a great idea. There is no parameter for experiencing these physical, emotional or personal feelings. It will be too rewarding because then you start experiencing the happiness of altogether a different zone.

The procedure for selecting the best sexuality and intimacy coach for yourself:- 

Lina Jurga specially mentions that a person should decide on the particular feeling, that according to you are best. These are –

  • Somanticia Coach – They can easily work with all types of intimacy and sexual dysfunction issues.
  • Cuddlist works best with physical intimacy and boundaries.
  • Surrogate Partner – they are referred by a skilled and experienced therapist.

Then based on the requirement and the choice, you can go ahead in relieving yourself of the personal hesitation. Just keep in mind that your coach is –

  • Respecting your boundaries.
  • Always have transparent communication with the selected coach.
  • Please do not let the coach push you.

Successful and good sexuality and intimacy coach is not someone that just pops out instantly. He or she is required to keep certain things in mind.

  • First of all, allowing you to enjoy your own breathing space.  
  • Secondly, respecting your personal space completely.

This action of the coach will see that work is happening at a good pace in a longer period. Like this, you will see that you a saying in the present comfortably and not getting blacked out.

Lina jurga on the other hand is highly acclaimed and learned professional in her field. Through her involvement, several people’s complain of the absent sexual problem is taken care off. Every single or couple will find that she can help in finding or reviving sexuality, creativity and good spirit.

Even if there is a past problem haunting you, then a concrete session will help you in getting rid of all bad feelings. Then of course you can re-consider them and work upon a new approach for overcoming it. This way automatically, the unnecessary damaging of the sex life will certainly not take place.  


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