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Essential oil is widely used in households, spas, aromatherapy centers, and various health & wellness clinics because of its many advantages. The advantages and uses of essential oils are not new; in past times, humanity used the prana (life energy) of plants as antibiotics and medicines.

Anything we ingest, consume, smell, or apply to our bodies has an effect. Therefore, anything other than food, including perfume, face cream, and essential oil Malaysia, enters the bloodstream both by inhalation and application. There are other ways for the body to interact and function than through food intake and feces/urine excretion. The body's epithelial tissues, which are found everywhere, serve a variety of purposes, including sensing, protecting, secreting, excreting, absorbing, and filtering.

These tissues can be found in the skin, lungs, sinuses, bronchioles, gastrointestinal tract, and nasal pure essential oil Malaysia. Therefore, everything we put to the skin's surface and everything we breathe in will eventually find their way into the bloodstream.

Essential oils are a gift from nature that may hydrate, detoxify, tone, promote circulation, calm, and support many aspects of skin function. These essential oils Malaysia enter the bloodstream through the capillaries and become a part of the person.



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